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2020/5/13 89 min.


For fans of the show, the Serie Storie - There's Something About Mary is the new collection in Italian fashion magazine, Cosmo. The "Missy" chapter is now available online as well as in Italian-language magazines such as Ciao, Mex Zuocco, and La Befana. In this review, we discuss what we can expect from the Missy Serie - There's Something About Mary serie, including review of the cast and "sneak peeks" of the series.

The Missy Serie - There's Something About Mary has been in the works for some time, when it was first announced. This feature film from a well-known Italian film company and the creators of The Wrong Missy, has been described as a "how to learn how to be a fashion photographer" instructional guide. There is no denying that The Wrong Missy is a little overrated when it comes to fashion photography but the direction and talents of the stars (Dane DeHaan and Vanessa Hudgens) have made the film stand out. However, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with this latest effort, as it succeeds at capturing the essence of the DHL series and features a beautiful and diverse cast. The script by Marco Malagrino has been adapted well for an online feature film and has been widely praised, especially for the intriguing story line.

The original Missy was a great success because it was about a young, attractive teen girl and her adventures with photographer Chris Block. It offered up many good jokes and a great storyline, all the more reason to watch the movie again. As expected, many movies were made a lot of money in Italy but all versions of the series failed to make any waves outside of Italy. After three full seasons of having the same cast, the producers decided to change things up and did not hesitate to go in a different direction.

The Wrong Missy is about the rebirth of The WrongMissy, but with a twist. The original Missy was kidnapped by gangsters who didn't leave her alive. She was kept captive in a local museum for twelve years, until she was rescued by her friend, the now famous Christian Ellis. Since then, she became part of the fashion photography program that Ellen DeGeneres runs.

What makes The Wrong Missy different from the other Missy serie? While all of the previous episodes are available online, this time around, the series was presented as a fashion instruction manual in four parts, starting with an introduction to clothing. The other chapters include clothes for men, women, and kids, accessories, makeup, hair and nails, and hairstyles.

The "There's Something About Mary" is actually called The Wrong Missy, so there won't be any reference to the other series. Also, this serie will not feature any of the original cast from the series, such as Blair Underwood, Anna Camp, and The Right Missy. However, all of the new actors from the show are involved in the series, including Missy, Christian Ellis, and Ryan Kellen. The movie is expected to run about an hour, and the complete run-time is approximately 3 hours.

The movie has been rated as R for language, violence, and sexual content. The synopsis of the film shows that the tone and the situations are similar to the original series. While I would not suggest this movie for adults, it does have a level of charm that the series could never have had.

As a final note, it should be mentioned that this "There's Something About Mary" series is still considered a private event. Only people that are friends of the producers and the actors can attend the event, and even those that want to watch can do so only after a recommendation from someone connected to the production. A lot of time and money have been invested into this movie, so there's no question about how much they are willing to invest into the series.

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