The Way Back
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The Way Back (2020)

The Way Back

2020/3/5 108 min.


A good review of The Way Back will recommend it to be watched. But, what exactly is it about?

In the nineteen thirties, a young doctor named Dr. James Hamilton (Patrick Swayze) finds himself caught up in a mysterious case that takes him deep into the heart of political intrigue and murder. He soon discovers the source of this mystery: a mysterious woman (Karen Allen) who have seen into the future, and who wants to help him find out what's in the way. She seems to know where he can go, but will he ever make it there on his own? He's been given a deadline to find before she gets her revenge...

From start to finish, this movie is fast-paced, exciting, suspenseful, and heartbreaking. It is full of suspense, which is further enhanced by the eerie and haunting music played by Mark Trombino. Without wishing to reveal any spoilers, I'll just say that you may find the ending of this movie to be somewhat sad, but it's also a very happy one, even though it doesn't necessarily have a happy ending.

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Original title The Way Back
TMDb Rating 6.5 75 votes

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