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The Insurrection (2020)

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2020/5/4 90 min.


A rebellion in the street is what made The Insurrection possible. The fact that this rebellion involves violence at first, and is referred to as The Insurrection by the law, led to a fierce debate about how much the audience should be allowed to enjoy violence. The reaction to the critics is that The Insurrection itself is a film where violence is present to a considerable degree, but to maintain an aesthetic approach, it is forced to explain its effects. This statement is sound and its stance does not clash with the structure of the film.

The Insurrection would have been a better film if it had been devoid of violence. It was only when the police (and especially the officers of the law) are involved that the film became absurd and wacky. The movie has violent scenes without any other reason for being there other than to be shocking. Although the police and the law were not the only characters in the film, there were enough of them to fuel the story and therefore the fire of the rebellion.

To be fair, many online critics have claimed that the film only fits in a particular type of genre. There is no denying that The Insurrection belongs to the category of thrillers and action films. However, the fact that it has blood and real violence is not an indicator that the film belongs to that genre.

Online critics did not have the right to criticize the movie as they do not know the real thing. Since many online critics were not able to see the movie in the theaters, they had to rely on their own minds, and this left them unable to make a proper assessment of the movie.

The Insurrection was made just before the internet became popular and it is only now that many online critics could criticize the movie online. A major problem here is that the movie had already become popular so all the online critics would rather criticise the movie through the lenses of their own personal prejudices.

It is obvious that the movie had been released many years ago and no one could compare it with today's society and values. The Insurrection is still not as common as other movies in the genre because it was one of the rare ones that dared to take risks. Although it is not hard to find online critics who will defend the film, most people simply cannot see the movie, or they do not understand it enough to form a clear judgment.

Even though a movie can remain popular despite its flaws, it is not easy. The Insurrection has to be completely understood before it can be appreciated and we cannot expect all of us to get it right the first time. However, it is not a surprise that so many online critics failed to understand the movie and therefore praise it or demean it, based on their own views, and lack of information.

We live in a world where online critics fail to accept other's opinion and facts, even if they seem to support their position. If a critic cannot understand or appreciate something, they will doubt it and try to refute the film in order to be right and remain professional.

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