The Half of It
The Half of It (2020)

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A different kind of love story. 2020/5/1 104 min.


Does this review mean the rest of the half of it? Absolutely not! It's just a quick review of the show that ended the first season and there are plenty of other interesting things to look at.

First of all, is this show just another in a long line of high-powered sitcoms in Hollywood, on TV or in movies that is already ruining the comedy scene? Perhaps it would be interesting to watch a show like "Friends" every week. But it's probably too much. With "Six Feet Under," the funny moments were rarely treated as high art, but it was still quite funny.

There have been some changes with the Internet for the better, though. It would be nice to see more onscreen humor with more online games and funny videos being taken down from YouTube. These could use more creative people like Jenna Fischer, who is an excellent talent, but she gets overshadowed by some of the greatest stars in the world in Hollywood.

As far as the serie itself goes, I think it's safe to say that most people will be turning their attention to the episode where the guys are revealed to be thieves and pretend to be partners in crime. From there, the whole serie plays out and while the point of the finale was to make the audience realize how important it is to get back together with these people, there were many moments where the story and characters came together and they seemed like one big happy family again.

From the perspective of a viewer, it would seem that the best part of the serie has been the website. If you visit Six Feet Under, you'll get the chance to find out about the new cast members, purchase show merchandise and even watch some behind the scenes footage. And if you visit the official website, you can also find out the key plot points and find out what your favorite characters will do next.

One might argue that the best part of the show is the plot, but not everyone finds this plot to be a success. In a way, it's the best thing ever for the creators, but that doesn't mean that people love it as much as those who have seen the show in the past.

The serie has become so popular that there are many imitators and several of them are based on the serie. Some of these sites are even more successful than the original. While it would be nice to see more creativity from the writers of these movies, it would also be nice to find out if this will continue to be the trend.

Overall, it seems like that this half of the Serie is over. Maybe there's still hope for the rest of the serie, but we'll have to wait and see.

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