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The Gentlemen (2020)

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Criminal. Class. 2020/1/1 113 min.


In The Gentlemen Who Leave is a movie based on true events. It was one of the first French movies to get an English-language release and has since then become a hugely popular hit in the United States and worldwide. It's also a good example of how video sharing can make a movie successful.

The film is set in the principality of Wales. Two wealthy men named Professor Turkington and Captain Cooper arrive in the area and find themselves forced to live off the land. Their wild horses run out of supplies and they eventually must abandon them in order to keep their way of life.

For years they have hunted and killed badgers and rabbits, which they also eat. All of the natural resources are being depleted and they are becoming increasingly desperate for more. Their friendship with a group of locals and their capacity to feed themselves dwindles as they are forced to hunt more animals to feed their starving selves. Eventually they are forced to sell their horses to a local farmer so that they can survive.

Eventually they are forced to reveal their true identity to the farmer and agree to be his "boys" - his servants. They work together as efficient, hardworking animals which offer great value for money. However, as time goes by the opportunity to enjoy their lives grows more distant as they realize that they cannot rely on each other anymore.

They soon discover the true nature of the police force, in that there are legal loopholes which allow them to kill any suspected outlaw without bothering to question them. At the same time, the farmer discovers that they have stolen all of his valuable supplies which will cause him more financial trouble in the future.

For much of the movie, you are left to question the true character of these two men as their lives and motivations for becoming outlaws are revealed. A common thread between them is that both are suffering from insecurity and come up with a solution of self-protection - which they find in killing anyone who challenges their authority and stealing from those who cannot defend themselves.

The Gentlemen Who Leave is also a testament to the effectiveness of online video sharing, in that it has become very popular and can be watched online. People can discuss and debate about the movie. They can add to the online discussion by sharing their views and opinions with others online.

This has made the film especially popular in the United Kingdom, where The Gentlemen Who Leave has been re-released and received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Film Feature. Like many other movies, it has also proven to be a hit in its home country as well as in many other countries around the world.

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