Survive the Night
Survive the Night (2020)

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2020/5/22 89 min.


In Japanese film serie called "In the Beginning", the protagonist Peko is to survive the night in his own house. In order to overcome this problem, he holds a seminar to his colleagues on the survival techniques and skills. During the seminar, two similar aspiring professional males are introduced.

Masamune Otsuka, a graduate of the English University. Masato Tsuboi a college student who has recently graduated from the class of the same university. Each of them is working as an assistant for one of the writer of "In the Beginning" to be an additional viewpoint.

In the beginning of the serie, the main characters were trapped in the house together but due to the different situations, they don't see each other. The writer and the two students decided to gather their skills and experiences to solve their problem of surviving the night. They agreed to go on a trip to a remote island.

During the trip, they encountered the graduate student that the writer met in the first season. The two newly graduated college students have a different scenario about surviving the night. Because of this, the writer gives them ideas on how to live.

In this novel starts with the character Masato Tsuboi, the college student who joined a science club of his university. He has a really bad academic performance and he is always the last one in the class. He is not an intellectual, so he can't make progress even though he starts working as an assistant for the writer of "In the Beginning".

Masato Tsuboi, who is a person who thinks in his head as much as possible is constantly on the verge of losing it. He is really jealous of Masato Tsuboi, who is also very eager to survive the night. He is also the type of person who usually rejects the life of an ordinary person.

"In the Beginning" is a movie about life or death, as seen through the eyes of a monkey. But "The Monkey" is not exactly a gorilla. Instead, it is a monkey that was forced into a human body to become a superhero.

"The Monkey" is a story that reveals the reality of being a monkey in the same way "In the Beginning" reveal the reality of being a human. Both serie portray life as a monkey in a different perspective.

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