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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-hen (2020)

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-hen

2020/2/21 N/A min.


When you watch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-hen on Blu-ray, you will be entertained by a nice mixture of comedy and romance. Director Toshiaki Fujiwara and series script writer Shinichi Matsubara work hard to make viewers enjoy this movie. They also make it more enjoyable for everyone because they add humor and fun into the mix, which is definitely a factor to watch out for.

This movie revolves around the 'great commander' Sadao Matsudaira, who is known as the Samurai General of Satsuma Province. He was also the second in command of the Shinsengumi, which was a group of seven hundred samurai who served the Shogun. His commanding officer was none other than Kitamoto Mitsuyori, known as the God of War, and their son was Shotoku Shimura, the famous war lord who had fallen out of favor. The story revolves around Matsudaira's efforts to try and get back in the good graces of the Emperor and the Imperial Court.

Another prominent character in the movie is Chiaki and the female warrior, Biwa. Biwa is a girl who was left behind after her father and her brother were killed in battle, which causes her to live with a family of bandits. Despite being alone, she helps the main characters and lives to tell the tale.

A very interesting part of the movie is that the three main characters are all from different series. For instance, Sadao is from the Sakaiichi Hatsukoi: Poseidon Serie, while Chiaki is from the Sakaiichi Hatsukoi: Hiromu Serie. Also, Sato is from the Sushi Goraku: Yorozuya Seiyoushuu. And finally, the heroine, Biwa, is from the Sushi Goraku: Jimbocho Seiyoushuu.

Because of this, the movie has an eclectic feel to it. There are many scenes where each character interacts with each other, and each of the characters have their own personality and feelings towards the others.

These movies usually revolve around two main characters, such as Sakaiichi Hatsukoi: Propose-hen and Sushi Goraku: Jimbocho Seiyoushuu. In this movie, it is about a typical love story. As you would expect, biwa is about to get married, but because of some circumstances, she is separated from her husband. They both end up at a place where they have to make a decision which one will marry the other and which one will end up alone.

The great thing about this movie is that it builds up a strong theme that is similar to that of the Sakaiichi Hatsukoi: Sereia serie. This movie had a touch of reality as each of the characters is about to be married, with different hardships that will happen to them. It is a nice watch because the two main characters get along quite well. They also have a very fast relationship, which is not that common in anime.

If you like shounen or slice of life anime, then this is a good choice to watch because it has the similar theme of Sakaiichi Hatsukoi: Sereia serie. The plot is also much like that of Sereia serie. Since there are many stories related to this movie, you can also choose which one you want to watch.

Original title 世界一初恋~プロポーズ編~
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