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Almost Totally In Control. 2020/1/9 102 min.


MY SPY is an Italian adaptation of the book and movie about a CIA agent. This movie, which was released in the US, is a rather good version of the book.

The movie uses both movies and books to its advantage to build its story. The movie's story is told from the point of view of a spy who is to steal a message and take it to his US handler. This is done without doing any real illegal acts so that the CIA can be satisfied with what he did.

The movie my Spy is set in the movie theatre, where you can see it with your family and friends as a concert by the super group MY SPY is shown at the same time. Each member of the audience has a role to play during the movie. One thing to be noted is that each member of the audience is in fact a spy who needs to work as a team to get through the movie successfully.

The Serie is the first episode of the movie. A nuclear device is meant to be exploded in the United States of America. The plan is to use the device to wipe out most of the human population. The target is to take place in Washington DC, and the commander in chief of the United States, President Kennedy, is aware of the plot to assassinate him.

The people from Mexico who masterminded the whole plan are caught by the CIA, after it was revealed that they were sending money to their bosses in Mexico. This incident causes a lot of chaos in the whole country. And the CIA, headed by John Kennedy, takes action in order to prevent more chaos from happening in the US.

The CIA sends Laura's sister Lucy to infiltrate the Serie in order to thwart the plot. It also sends her boyfriend Jim, a Mexican agent, to gather information on the people in the Serie. Laura and Jim have to stop the Serie from blowing up the nuclear device.

The acting quality of the characters in the movie is decent. While some of the scenes are slightly jumpy, the movie as a whole flows well.

The movie MY SPY is a fun ride through a spy movie. There are a lot of elements in the story and movie that make it something worth watching. And those who have seen the movie will probably agree with me that the characters and plot are nicely done.

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