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2020/5/22 117 min.


When we talk about paintings, one of the most popular artists is Vermeer. This was because he did a lot of paintings and they were very famous. In addition to this, it was also because his portraits were the very best, which was also well-known.

When we talk about the movies based on him, the three that we can choose from are 'Les Amants Des Carmelites', 'The Pianist' and now 'The Last Vermeer'. Most of these films have their own story line. It is true that they have been used as important works, but there is a limit of what we could call a drama in these movies.

But as we have seen, many people have chosen to watch these films. So it is a good decision to start watching them, right? Well, you might think so, but if you will check the ratings and the comments, then you would realize that these movies might not be the best to watch.

One reason for the low rating is that this movie doesn't follow the characters at all. For example, you can see in the movie that several paintings were destroyed, but in the book, there is no mention of paintings being destroyed. In addition to that, the movie does not tell you what happened in the last years of Vermeer's life. It also adds more scenes that are not in the book.

Then again, you will find that this online movie has also several problems. For example, we don't know whether Jacinta was a real person or not. As for the first issue, the actress doesn't look like a real person and in addition to that, the scene in the book, shows a real Vermeer painting.

When we talk about Vermeer's painting series, you can see that there is a series of paintings called the "Master Series". The name itself is an indication that this painting series is really important. In addition to that, the Last Vermeer should be included into this series.

But, is the Last Vermeer, a part of the series? According to the director, the answer is no. In addition to that, the movie fails to tell us why, why Jacinta killed her father.

These are just some of the reasons why you shouldn't make a conclusion when you watch this online movie. You should check what other people have to say about the movie, so that you will get the best and the real story of the last Vermeer's life.

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