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Love Wedding Repeat (2020)

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2020/4/10 100 min.


Is it love at first sight or did you two just keep getting married again because the song by the Serie II was so good that you didn't want to wait until the second part of the movie to get you a body double? Of course, it is not necessary to put you in a story with an equally insufferable character. What's most important is how happy you are and how many times you can repeat the same thing.

An example would be the famous picture from the wedding. In the first season, Meg Whitman was the bride. After the first film, she just kept going back to her former man.

Meg found love in her second film and got married to the now retired Johnny Depp. It was after the Serie II ended and she said to him, "Why do you want to be with me, you old f- -k?" He has the said in one line: "That's OK, you're married to a clown." At that point, Meg also went back to her former boyfriend Ryan Gosling.

I guess it was all a mistake from the beginning but the same thing happened for Jessica Biel in the second season of The Serie II. She is like Meg Whitman, was found out as the bride and said to her love who she really is. Jessica said to Brad Pitt in the first episode: "I'm a girl".

Of course, we know the movie will come again because these two will be back in it soon. For sure, they will keep getting married again because the love song they used is in another movie already and the movies are in demand. Anyway, what are you going to do?

Online? Well, it seems that you cannot find anything in Hollywood unless you search for it on the Internet. Of course, the film studios can afford the cost of creating a movie and thus allowing them to present the newest technologies. However, a celebrity blogger can do the same thing with lesser costs as the celebrities can probably pay the blog the amount per day they are using it.

Therefore, it would be wise to post your blog and use it for traffic. Of course, if it's something that is in demand, people will keep coming to see the movie. However, the funny thing is that what the couple will see online will be linked to the film that makes the viewers curious about what they have missed.

Although the wedding may be over, they will be getting something in return. Therefore, just keep repeating. The best thing is that, you will still have a slice of cake.

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