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Some secrets should stay buried 2020/5/15 110 min.


Each of us will inherit several things in our lifetime. We may inherit time, money, emotional bonds, knowledge, new ideas, a novel or a movie.

With every one of these types of gifts there is an aspect of newness that should be taken into consideration as well. The problem is that some people do not think about the inheritance aspect of their future life. And some others don't give it any thought.

Those who do not take that newness into consideration are missing out on some valuable new ideas and knowledge that could be coming their way. Sometimes people don't really think about the ideas they might be inheriting. They have a general idea that the inheritance will be in the form of cash and perhaps a new car or house.

What those people need to realize is that, just because they are inheriting cash, they need to think about the other side of the coin. They should also consider the cash as the extra piece of advice that might come their way. An additional piece of knowledge could certainly enhance their lives.

The inheritance is definitely a serious subject. Anyone who has inherited anything knows that there is no end to the choices to make.

If you have new knowledge that you can pass along to your heirs, make sure you consider it before deciding on a particular method. Making that decision could be the difference between a cash inheritance and some other type of gift.

To put it simply, the monetary aspect of a gift is an important but secondary aspect of inheritance. Why?

Because if someone inherits the cash, the recipient already has new ideas and/or knowledge to add to their lives. On the other hand, if you choose to give them a movie, they have absolutely nothing to add to their lives.

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