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We all pay for our crimes in the end. 2020/5/12 103 min.


A Capone Movie is the more popular of the two serie of Capone movies. It was also released the year I was born (1929). Though it's been out for a long time, this movie has not been widely known.

Ben Gazzara did the movie as a favor to his friend Clyde Tolson. According to Tolson, Gazzara had never made any film before. He had filmed a few TV segments with the sole intention of working on Capone. Of course, Clyde liked the picture and suggested him to work on his Capone picture.

After several years, he decided to direct a Capone Film and it has evolved into the formal Capone movie. The dialogue and the action scenes are equally choreographed. The pictures are exceptional and the battle scenes are astonishing. The movie has gone a long way in recreating the atmosphere of gangsters in Chicago, New York and other cities in USA.

People who enjoy watching good Capone Movies should watch this one. It may be dated but it's one of the best.

Though it is a part of the Capone Movie Series, people who are fond of old Capone films, should avoid this one as the story has been modified in the sequel. The story, however, remains the same and it shows that as the Capone series expands its horizons, each movie gets more.

In case the person searching for Capone movies also wants to watch Capone: The Movie, it's the second part of the Capone movie series. As said earlier, the original story of the sequel has been modified, though still retaining the spirit of the original.

Some reviews of the Capone: The Movie Series is also available. This series chronicles the adventures of Al Capone, Jr., a brother of the original Capone, and is a sequel to the first part of the Capone movies. With the passing of time, the series has attracted many fans who enjoy watching the adventures of the two brothers.

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