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Never coming home 2020/2/12 109 min.


"Fantasy Island" is a landmark American sitcom. This classic story is a combination of funny and poignant character development, a delightful cast of characters, and some great lessons about life. And it can now be enjoyed online via sites like Netflix.

The common term for an island in this TV series is "Hoop Island." In the real-life version of this fictional island, however, it is actually the island of Ho's Bay. It is located in Orange County, California, United States. The house that the entire village lives in is called "Aunt Jumbo's." A lot of people know the name of the island based on its place name.

This TV series was also set in Orange County. It is what is known as a Californian fishing village. It is known for its seafood. So that may have contributed to the name of the island.

The series is a great series because of its character development. There are many famous characters in this series. The most popular characters of the show are Rosey Greenaway, Silver, Roy O. Feeny, Ivanhoe, Andi Zerbini, and Mr. Wellington.

The series has inspired other shows. There are three books, and two TV series based on the series. In the first book, "Realm of Realities," there is a son named David. The second book, "Spectrum of Reality," is about Zerbini's son and Zerbini's relationship with his son.

There are many similarities between the series and real life. Both are set in this particular fishing village. Both show how strong family bonds can be.

Fantasy Islandalso teaches viewers the meaning of reality. "Realism is not the same as fantasy, and you should try to live it."

If you enjoy watching movies and television series like this, then you might consider using satellite TV. It might help you to appreciate the beauty of this movie and be more appreciative towards life.

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