Escape from Pretoria
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Escape from Pretoria (2020)

Escape from Pretoria

2020/3/6 101 min.


Escape from Pretoria is a South African crime thriller movie starring Dudus and Tahira Shahidi. The movie is based on a true story. Dudus and Shahidi were real life criminals and escaped from Pretoria prison in 2020. They had spent a decade and nine months in prison for robbery and murder.

The movie covers the real events of the life of Dudus and Shahidi. This event had happened when they were in their early twenties and their sentencing lasted only ten years. In their case, they received the heaviest sentence ever in South Africa.

The filmmakers had prepared a lot of advance for their movie. They had researched in detail all the circumstances that led to their arrests. It was a tedious task but they came up with a fascinating movie. The movie has won several awards and it became the best-selling online movie in the country.

The movie depicts how the filmmakers became fugitives. Most of their time was spent in hiding and planning their escape. They also have to deal with their past. The main character of the movie is an elderly woman and she lives in exile. She was given shelter in a retirement home and was in a wheelchair for most of her life.

The movie has successfully merged genre and got popularity as a serious drama. It uses science fiction elements and is a blend of suspense and action. It has been praised for its outstanding acting of several actors. For its film rating of R, it was rated as best action film. It has been considered as one of the best black movies of this decade.

Escape from Pretoria is one of the most popular online drama movies in the South African Film Orchestra (SAFO) series. Ithad been viewed millions of times and has spawned several sequels. Other genres like crime thriller and horror are also trending. Most viewers prefer this online movie over more modern ones. One of the reasons is the interesting story line.

The series is very similar to other SAFOs but has some distinguishing features. The most significant one is the storyline and what sets the series apart from others is its unique setting. Apart from that, the director and the producers of the movie had collaborated with other professionals for its successful marketing.

The director of the series was a master in his field, and also had the necessary experience to produce the series. Apart from that, all the members of the crew had years of experience in the industry. Apart from that, they had screened the movies of other directors in SAFO series. Apart from that, they also ensured that they delivered a high standard of production to the fans of the series.

Original title Escape from Pretoria
TMDb Rating 6.6 44 votes

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