Dangerous Lies
Dangerous Lies (2020)

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2020/4/30 96 min.


In Dangerous Lies, Young-Ho is made to work for a moving company which the big boss decides to fire her for not doing well in his company's new publicity stunt, which happens to be a reality show. However, the truth that she discovers about the company will soon send her on a journey that would change her entire life. This is one of the most unique and exciting Hollywood movie in a long time.

Young-Ho (Sung Hye Sun) meets the hardworking and stoic Kim Ji-Eun (Shin Min-a), who will not only become her right hand in the beginning but also her manager at the office. When Young-Ho and Kim's first job together was to handle the female advertisement, they worked side by side. However, their relationship at first was tense as Kim would try to control Young-Ho, but after a few weeks of working together they actually became good friends. Kim's devotion to Young-Ho was remarkable, and after this job she was determined to get into the business.

A complex relationship develops between these two as they work together to handle the media and ensure that the company receives all of the necessary publicity that it needs to survive. In addition, Young-Ho is worried about her little sister, who is stuck with her mother at home because of her mother's illness. It's a complicated and wonderful movie that is full of twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat.

Director Park Si-Young has been dubbed as the queen of women directors and Dangerous Lies is no exception. She brought out her trademark style of intelligent storytelling in this movie that is well known for its quality cinematography and great acting. The lighting and the direction of the actors are outstanding as well. The music, themes, and the sound design are also excellent and adds even more to the movie's success.

Young-Ho's determination to ensure the success of the company from the very beginning to the most serious moments of the movie is admirable. There is also a very touching ending that makes the movie one of the best Korean movies ever made.

One of the best things about Dangerous Lies is how the movie opens up with an incident that Young-Ho relates during a business trip. It takes the audience through a fascinating story line that makes the movie more enjoyable for the viewer. The quick pace of the movie is also fun and entertaining, as well as intriguing.

Most movies fail to live up to the expectations of their viewers because of their flaws or even the use of too many of their own stunts and marketing stunts. Dangerous Lies has both because of its unique story line and its use of humor.

It is a movie that offers one of the most unique and exciting adventures in the genre. I urge you to see this movie, and most importantly, to discover the most interesting story in the world.

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