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When people think of "Bros," one of the first things that pop into their minds is the word Broil. Unfortunately, the word "bro" has no universal meaning and in some cases can be offensive. Even so, the movie Brokeback Mountain is a great example of how a single word can reflect two different messages. Here is a look at the film's brosh quote.

While everyone can see that Broil and bros don't necessarily have to have negative connotations, it does seem as though the movie Brokeback Mountain is making the assumption that women are always nice. In fact, one Brokeback Mountain scene actually starts with Lance telling John to kiss his girlfriend. Naturally, the implication is that Lance and his girlfriend are together, but it just seems funny to start the scene with John kissing his girlfriend. As Lance says, though, he is never going to be able to kiss his girlfriend, even though the Brokeback Mountain brosh quote will indicate otherwise.

I think the point here is that women do not have to be nice if they choose to be. In many cases, men assume that women must be nice, but that is not always the case. Women can choose to be mean, rude, and even dirty, which in a way makes them more interesting. Therefore, it does not make sense to think that women have to be nice. They can be really mean or rude, but they can also be inoffensive and even nonsexual, which gives them a much more intriguing character.

To add more spice to the Broil and bros issue, one of the characters in the film is the Bad Boy Rapper, Terry, who is very much not polite. In fact, he says, "Girls are run of the mill when it comes to love." In this instance, the Brokeback Mountain brosh quote is actually kind of funny, because women can be run of the mill when it comes to love. It's important to note that the Brokeback Mountain brosh quote actually refers to a sexual encounter, not a romantic one. If you are confused about whether you should be nice or nasty when it comes to sex, there is no reason to try to feel it out between you and your partner. Remember, sex is supposed to be fun, and the idea is to engage in passionate lovemaking, not sex.

Brood, meanwhile, is a type of football. While there is no universal classification for the term, it is probably safe to say that there is no universal consensus about its meaning either. But, if you are unfamiliar with the sport, it is a formation in which all players are required to stand on one foot. It is used to simulate the way the football is thrown in practice. However, the Broil line is really about the entire nature of love, which involves much more than physical intimacy.

It would be nice if people could appreciate all the "us"us' not "us" that Broil and bros encompass. It would be easier to live if we could all get along, but sometimes we are still fighting. It is not that we cannot do something together. It is just that it just takes a little longer to do it. That is what Broil and bros mean.

When you are done watching Brokeback Mountain, why not consider watching Broil and bros? This is a good lesson for the ages. As long as we want to enjoy ourselves, we should be free to be mean and rude and mean. It is our right as adults.

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