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Bloodshot (2020)


Being a superhero is in his blood 2020/2/20 110 min.


If you're a die hard fan of the English language, you'll love a flick as Bloodshot. A space vampire which patrols his planet and protects from vampires and human aggressors. I'm not sure who invented this setting but the one about a world dominated by space creatures is one of the most intriguing fantasies I've ever encountered.

The movie follows young John Corben (Aaron Stanford), who makes his way in the world as an assassin who spends most of his time on the search for excitement and exciting action scenes. Bloodshot is a superbly crafted movie with a story that's fun to follow. It's action packed and is a film with enough spectacle to keep your interest. That's why the second time I watched the film, I watched it again so I could learn more about the back story and characters.

Bloodshot is directed by Robert Rodriguez, who has made a lot of really interesting movies like Sin City, Crimson Peak and Grindhouse. Bloodshot is a great introduction for our young gangster, I'm speaking of our protagonist named Corben. An example of a war story for teenagers, we are given several reasons why he has taken up arms against vampires. Our young hero is a nerd but you wouldn't know it by the way he acts. He has good instincts and lots of confidence in himself despite the odds stacked against him.

Teenagers have been fed with many a fantasy in the past as science fiction movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Although the actors portray these characters well, I'm not convinced their characters are close to being real. Fortunately Bloodshot doesn't take itself too seriously and instead combines some interesting elements to make a well-made movie. And believe me, this is not a movie that's for kids!

The cast of Bloodshot is absolutely superb. We have the likes of Aaron Stanford, Juliet Landau, PaulBlackthorne, and Ben Barnes. The acting in this movie is outstanding. I highly recommend the film to fans of Sci-Fi or adult films alike.

I'm glad that I can watch the movie online and find out what's going on. I'm not sure what's so special about watching the film online? Well, I discovered a few things. The first thing is that it wasn't any old DVD, it was a Blu-Ray disc. Then I found out that this movie has been removed from the official DVD of the film and only in the online version. This is a good sign.

Another interesting aspect of watching this movie online is that I got to hear comments and observations from film critics regarding the movie. They were not amused by Bloodshot. After hearing the reviews I wanted to have a look at the film myself. However, this was impossible because of the law requiring all video rental stores to restrict people to one view of films they rent. So the only way I could view this movie online was by paying a small fee to watch it there.

Finally, I discovered that Bloodshot wasn't the only movie online I can watch. I also discovered that I can watch seven others in the category of "action, horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, crime, and mystery". Seven films to look forward to! I'll be sure to watch those movies next time I'm bored, and maybe even on a break from the movie that I'm watching now.

Original title Bloodshot
TMDb Rating 7.3 1072 votes

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