Bad Boys for Life
Bad Boys for Life (2020)

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Ride together. Die together. 2020/1/15 124 min.


"Bad Boys For Life" movie stars Wesley Snipes and Will Smith. Both actors are well known to many different kinds of movie fans. Unfortunately, neither actor was actually in the movie.

This is because the film was actually made by the men behind "Chronicle". The same guys who brought you "The Fast and the Furious" movies. The same guys that brought you, "Lethal Weapon", "Men in Black", and most recently, "Men in Black 3". And these are just a few of the best films they have made.

With a solid cast like this, the movie can't go wrong. The first trailer, for "Bad Boys For Life" gives the movie an allure that will compel you to see it. You'll be ready to go once the soundtrack hits your ears.

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