Altered Carbon: Resleeved
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Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020)

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

2020/3/19 75 min.


Movie lovers looking for a unique and innovative way to experience a motion picture, particularly in its first edition, have been exploring the world of Altered Carbon. The world of Altered Carbon begins in the year 2020, which is an early twenty-first century setting. It is clear that the story of Altered Carbon begins on Earth-one of the most diverse and technologically advanced planets in the galaxy. Now in the year 2020, we find that the highly advanced Starflight One probe has been sent to the planet where we find the descendants of the earliest humans-humanoids from the planet called Earth.

Humans have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years within this harsh environment and have perfected their biochemistry to the point that they are capable of surviving in extremely hostile conditions. After going through a series of unfortunate events with several humanoid species-including the sudden death of their mother and her mate, a baby called Morpheus and his twelve siblings-humans sent out into space in hopes of establishing a new home and breed for themselves among the stars.

Their problems begin with the discovery of an impending disaster that will affect them all and culminate in the deaths of their entire species. A series of earthquakes take place and the Mothership plunges into the planet's crust, falling far below the surface. Now the Mothership remains buried under an ocean of magma for hundreds of years, slowly deforming. While doing so, it contacts an anomaly and becomes covered in a mysterious substance, altering its appearance.

The strange material buries the vessel for years, which is why it was able to survive underground but once it emerges, a small amount of its ancient earth's atmosphere leaks out into space. The first few creatures that become trapped inside the ship to go into a hibernation mode for several centuries. This is the time when Morpheus is conceived and begins a new chapter in the story of the Altered Carbon.

Humans that have traveled to the stars have been creating civilizations, but it wasn't until the very last few humans left their home to create a colony on the planet called Theta that they began their research on enhanced humans. It is also here that scientists created several unique materials in order to prepare humans for space travel and allow them to adjust to life among the stars. However, the research was cut short and the humans are forced to remain on Earth for centuries.

Many of the scientists responsible for the creation of these materials were killed during the war and the last humans left on the planet. They left behind their elderly colleagues who had started out on this journey decades earlier and now made way for the original human survivors who were in cryosleep for centuries already. The event that created the Earth had left a deep impression on the planet.

It is this deep impression that has allowed the humans to begin exploring the stars and beginning a new chapter in the story of Altered Carbon. To escape the ravages of aging, the humans begin to experiment on themselves, and, in the process, alter their bodies, their biochemistry and their society. Their genetic alterations also create new races, creatures that originally existed on Earth before humans were created and thousands of years ago.

These changes can be looked at as the first step in their journey to understand and eventually create a civilization that will make their journey to the stars a success. With their memories, hopes and dreams, the survivors will now make their way through a universe that they have only been given a very small glimpse of.

Original title オルタード・カーボン:リスリーブド
TMDb Rating 5.9 48 votes

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