Jumanji: The Next Level
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Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

Jumanji: The Next Level

2019/12/4 123 min.


Almost no one bet on that experiment bathed in nostalgia, but in a few weeks, Sony took one of the most pleasant surprises of all 2017. The review of the classic commanded by the late Robbin Williams worked, and managed to sweep the box office at Christmas time; where he fought with the galactic saga of Disney without fainting.

It was only a matter of time before the studio gave Jake Kasdan the keys to a sequel, and gave him all possible means to repeat the play reinforcing weaknesses and failures. Two years later, in a similar context, and with few modifications in the production team, Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle wants to find the same rhymes and sensations; Keep to succeed. And yet, the familiar and effective comedy evolves almost without pretending to a more satisfying and entertaining experience, watch it now to find out for yourself.

The director returns to team up with Jeff Pinker and Scott Rosenberg with the intention of not deviating from the lines marked in the first installment. Thus, the group of teenagers - now newly admitted to the university - occupy once again the first measures of the tape, serve as an entrance to the true knot occupied by the digital world and the adventures headed by the reliable Dwayne Johnson. Kasdan, aware of the need to adhere to the expectations derived from a sequel, a raise, is introducing small and subtle changes that improve the whole.

This position, which will be maintained throughout the entire footage, is perceived here with a much more extensive introduction than in the first film, open to empathize more with the true protagonists of the adventure. Of course, the drama of the character of Alex Wolf is still flat and predictable, but it gives some volume to an already simple proposal.

DeVito and Glover, Glover and DeVito. The two Dannys reinforce production from their foundations. It is they who hold the main comic component of the film with only three scenes. The looks, the body humor; everything rests on these two figures that so well embody their co-stars. Despite having already more years than recommended to jump cliffs and hang on lianas, Kasdan gets the value of their incorporations to take full advantage. As? Imposing a plot aimed at squeezing the personality game. Jumanji is glitched by the passage of time, and that causes the avatars that in the first installment were fixed, will change throughout the adventure.

To start with, because Roca and Hart were the two stars with the best of that cast. And continuing with that idea; the rest of the actors, including the newcomer Awkwafina, and a surprise member -which we will not reveal here-, are also involved in the dynamics of digital failures; being sometimes a character and sometimes another.

The facial and body performance becomes the main medium that Kasdan will continue to cook the most hilarious moments of the whole adventure. With 962 million in his pocket, it is not surprising that the filmmaker again bet on the cheapest sitcom possible, appealing to a family audience that will fall dazzled by language and forms.

There are still more errors than successes, but Kasdan can finally boast of signing a guilty pleasure worthy of such an adjective. The limits offered by the new saga are evident, and there seems to be no intention to redraw them. In that line, in that of light and familiar entertainment, Johnson still moves like a fish in the water, but instead of hearing it from us, better watch now the movie and find out what carries more weight for you, its blessings or its sins.


Original title Jumanji: The Next Level
TMDb Rating 6.8 2843 votes

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