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The Farewell (2019)

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Based on an actual lie. 2019/7/12 100 min.


The Farewell, My Lovely is an anime based on the series written by Mamoru Oshii. It is directed by Junichiro Tanizaki, who also did Ghost in the Shell: Arise and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. While the English dubbing is performed by Phil Hartman, it was produced by Gary Trousdale.

The movie starts with a somewhat funny situation with Yamamoto and his alter ego; Ariadne who is working in a bookstore. He is paying a visit to the previous owner of the store and tells him that he wants to end the book as he is not making enough money. The guy, however, is so disheartened that he decides to sell the book to one of his employees, Juri.

However, Juri does not have the book; she only agrees because she has a final exam coming up. After finding out that her teacher is asked to give a writing test, she thinks that she would have time to finish the book and sell it to Yamamoto. However, he is determined to finish the book and calls her to meet him at his house.

When he arrives, she finds that he has just killed his wife, which is why he wanted the book; his work as a writer is having negative effects on his life. He is angry about this, but does not have the time to see the book in the store. He decides to come back the next day to finish the book; but as he is planning to finish the book, he sees that his wife is leaving the next day for a trip, which makes him furious, and he is forced to kill her.

He heads to the bookstore where he has picked up the book; but he finds that it is empty. He deduces that there is a problem with the book and tries to call the bookstore to check if the book is there. However, he cannot get through, as the people in the office are all dead.

He decides to buy the book and get it to his boss so that he can use it to trick him into buying his new book. Unfortunately, he ends up fooling his boss into buying the book from him, which ends up in him being sent to jail. In jail, he has a quick lesson on how the world works.

After this, he meets another inmate of the prison, who is an aspiring writer and he realizes that the book is in fact a diary of hers. She gives him the book and he uses it to inspire him to write the next book, and he finally does so, ending the Farewell, My Lovely book.

The Farewell, My Lovely is a great sequel to the serie. The plot is quite similar to the previous serie as it revolves around the pursuit of the elusive and awaited book. Junichiro Tanizaki brings some much needed creativity to the franchise, which has been stagnated with the series Ghost in the Shell: Arise and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

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