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Spies in Disguise (2019)

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Super Spy. Super Fly. 2019/12/4 102 min.


Although parodies of classic spy films, especially the Mission: Impossible and 007 franchises, have already been produced to exhaustion, ranging from features like Austin Powers to the first episode of the new Doctor Who season, few manage to maintain the charm of the protagonists (Kingsman, for example), making them just lucky agents with ingenious gadgets. Spies In Disguise, animated satire produced by Blue Sky and the first film by directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, brings a new look to comedies of secret agents, choosing to keep the charisma of the characters as the great pillar of the feature, watch now the movie and enjoy!

In the story, Lance Sterling (Will Smith in the original version, Lázaro Ramos in the Brazilian version) is the biggest spy in the world. Basically a one-man army, the American government agent is extremely intelligent and skilled, but ends up accused by Killian (Ben Mendelsohn) of stealing a killer drone and becomes a fugitive when Marcy (Rashida Jones in English, Taís Araújo in Portuguese ), the agency's prosecutor, orders his arrest.

Desperate, Sterling sees the only option to ask for help from Walter Beckett (Tom Holland), a young genius fired by Lance himself for creating non-lethal gadgets for field agents, but who was working on an invention capable of making them “invisible”. Rushed to get rid of the Agency, Smith's character invades Walter's house and accidentally ingests the boy's secret formula, transforming himself into a pigeon.

In less than fifteen minutes of film, Spies In Disguise competently establishes his characters and exposes his qualities and limitations. Sterling, used to working alone, always acts on instinct and rarely pays attention to the opinion of others. Affectionate but reclusive, Walter does not know how to deal with Lance's constant company and tries too hard to approach the pigeon agent.

This dynamic of the two, which unites the espionage genres with a buddy cop comedy, gives grace to the film, especially due to the good writing of the script and the animation, which, besides being excellent, maintains the physical characteristics of the voice actors, making Smith and Holland appears to be present on the screen, as are Jones and even Rachel Brosnahan, whose character, Walter's mother, appears for a few seconds. This care of animators, who also did not spare visual jokes, such as dust spots every time Lance-pigeon hits a glass or that Olhos (Karen Gillan) records something with his technological glasses, elevates the experience of the film even more, watch now this animation, enjoy its good points and judge by yourself how much weight you'd put on the bad ones.

Although the script by Brad Copeland and Lloyd Taylor has some continuity problems, especially in its final five minutes, the fact that the text avoids easy jokes and beats in children's films brings a freshness in relation to animations that confuse humor with flatulence sounds. The laughs of Spies In Disguise are created a lot by the flock of pigeons, formed by Amore, Jeff and Crazy Eyes, who, each in their own way, try to please Sterling and Walter. Each joke, even when Lance lays an egg, has its place in the plot, not distracting the audience from the story.

The big problem with animation is its generic villains. While Killian simply wants to take revenge for a failed Sterling mission, huge arms dealer Kimura (Masi Oka) poses no threat to Lance and Walter, being quickly neutralized by the Multifunctional Pen - the funniest deus ex machina in cinema - created by the young man. Although the battle against Killian results in a beautiful action scene, in which even the pigeons play an important role, the character itself is completely empty and its simplicity does not match the smooth development of the feature.

Innocent, charming and fun, Spies In Disguise brings a new look to spy movie parodies to theaters. With well done animation and characters developed in a natural way, the film is a respectful debut for Bruno and Quane and shows who not all satire needs to remove the charisma and charm of its protagonists.

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