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Recep İvedik 6 (2019)

Recep İvedik 6

2019/11/7 110 min.


People have been waiting for the arrival of a Serie from the Turkish director Erdal Gül. In order to make people aware of his latest production, Erdal Vedik 6 has been made available online. In this movie, Şenay had to continue on with her duties as home secretary, but she did not think it will be difficult to perform her duty as a politician.

She is well aware that she is in the middle of a war, but the new arrangement that has been implemented by President Erdoğan is not good for all. He wants to eliminate political rivals and dissident elements in Turkey. Şenay is aware that there are members of her own family who supported her against her father and the government. That is why she thinks she can still compete with the others.

The first thing she does is to attend the governorship's ceremony, but in reality she is busy worrying about her husband. She is not happy because he hasn't slept at night for some time. When she comes to know that she will not become the governorship, she decides to ask the government to remove her. Unfortunately, they do not like that idea and tell her that if she were to stand for the governorship, she will get assassinated.

Şenay feels hopeless and decides to go to the police officer Halil İnönü. While she was being interviewed, she asked him about her possible assassin. He told her that if she gets assassinated, he will consider his life as dead as well. Şenay couldn't believe this and wonders what he's talking about. She believes that he is trying to make her feel less scared and more courageous.

Şenay then finds out about the people who want to kill her husband. She goes to the governor's office to tell the authorities about her fears. The governor tells her that she must tell the truth about how the situation at hand is for the sake of the people. Meanwhile, Şenay also felt something unusual on her skin and wants to take a bath, but her bodyguards start to believe the rumors that the Turkish president is not with them.

Then, the military coup starts and Şenay and her husband Mustafa get away from the area. They hide in a museum, while the armed forces are bombarding and killing people in their houses. She wonders how she will survive and meets a police officer in the place she was hiding.

The policeman tells her that people in the nearby town have died of hunger. There is no need to be afraid as the military is taking control of the government. The policeman and Şenay have been captured. After a whole day, the soldiers were able to capture Şenay.

Şenay thinks that she has nothing to do with the attempt on the Turkish president. She tells the policemen that she was the one who created the chaos. The police tells her that Erdoğan wanted to control the Turkish nation, but he did not expect people like Şenay had escaped.

Original title Recep İvedik 6
TMDb Rating 4.4 21 votes

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