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2019/11/27 131 min.


The first thing that caught my attention with the premiere of Queen & Slim is the fact that it's very different from most movies. I know I'm not supposed to say that because movies are supposed to be made for the masses, but this movie is not your average thriller. A thriller just means that it's supposed to entertain. When I heard it was directed by David Fincher, I almost expected him to have some kind of special effects, but it turned out to be far more imaginative and refreshing.

Before I get to the story of Queen & Slim, I'll say something about how I usually come to see movies. It would be this: First of all, I don't go to the theater expecting a story or plot. If there is any mystery or intrigue for me, I'm far better off going to a movie like the Twilight Saga or any of the other thriller movies I've seen. I always enjoy the suspense and the uncertainty that enthrall me.

With Queen & Slim, I actually find myself more in the mood for a story than for a plot. I find myself wondering about the lives of the people in the movie. Maybe they are a bit more realistic than what I read in books, but it's still true that a lot of authors lack creativity.

I think the story with the New Member of the Lower House is one of the best scenes in the entire movie. It's so realistic and so convincing that I didn't even realize the actress who plays the New Member of the Lower House was Anne Hathaway until later on. It felt like a real-life event when she walked onto the screen and got the part.

The part of the New Member of the Lower House wasn't her first attempt at acting and I think it was important for Fincher to cast a real actress for the role. There are so many actresses out there who are good in the part, but I wouldn't have minded if Fincher had cast someone like Hathaway, who I have already seen do great work in other movies. I guess it's just like being able to choose between an iPhone and an iPad.

For the plot of the movie, it's just like any other thriller. It has its twists and turns and it keeps me guessing. Like in the book, it starts with two girls on a beach, in a house that resembles a castle in the background. They have a wedding ceremony performed by a priest, which is reminiscent of the old French wedding ceremonies.

After that, everything just keeps going downhill. Then we see a little girl running through the streets of an Amsterdam neighborhood. There are even some sequences that are quite similar to the one in the book. In the end, the girl's father is killed by the "Queens" group who plan to steal money from his family.

At the end of the game's setting, you can't help but ask yourself why this movie is successful, and why it has lasted so long. No matter how many times I saw it, I still wanted to find out more about the story and how it unfolded, which I guess is what making a good movie is all about.

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