Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

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Don't regret. Remember. 2019/6/17 120 min.


Black is the most important aspect of the Movie Serie. It has a huge impact on the quality of the work and for the success of the work in cinemas. The Concept and the method of shooting have to be combined well in order to produce a great Black and White Movie, which the audiences will surely love.

Black is synonymous with richness, depth and the impression of an old drama. The Black is the basic concept of a dramatic film. In classical Drama, the Black is the absence of color. To depict this state, black in the traditional Movie pictures are used to represent the absence of color.

In the Classical Cinema, the Black is a Background Color, therefore the principal photography has to be followed up. However in the Contemporary Movies, the Black is the main or central color, it is used for the main subject of the film. Therefore it is necessary to add that dimension to the Film Picture in order to make it well known.

Before shooting the Movie, the Cinematographer has to prepare in advance the technical details of the photo. The Picture Research must be done at least before the shoot. Then the required lighting scheme must be planned according to the task assigned to the Camera.

The Technicians and the Lighting technicians must be given proper knowledge about the limitations of Black in picture. The choice of the mood setting should be made. These are the basic fundamentals, which has to be followed.

Many of the popular movies use Black to enhance the effect. Black is very much important for a great Movie picture. The idea of Black needs to be well thought out before the shooting. After the successful shooting, the Cinematographer has to test the results.

The idea of Black must be well tested in the photo of the scene. The fact of Black is not so obvious, in many instances it is also found. After the successful Shooting the finished Movie requires great rendering to the Movie.

There are many examples in the Movie industry that involved the usage of Black in the picture. These were some of the famous Movie pictures of the 70's and the 80's which use Black in the Picture. The impact of Black on the picture gives the most rewarding effect. Even the older Movies, which the audiences love to watch, often use Black in the Pictures, as it gives an overall contrast to the picture.

Original title Portrait de la jeune fille en feu
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