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2019/11/14 102 min.


The Broadway musical version of the French play Les Miserables has been a smash hit in the West End. In a piece called 'The Music of Time', the whole Broadway musical version was really done using music by and for François-Michel Schonberg. There are many other musical artists that have taken on the role of director with great success. As it stands now, only the original cast album has survived from the original production, though some of the performers like Anthony Quinn and Renée Fleming have sung on the live shows of the Broadway show.

The musical in itself is an epic about rebellion, revenge and how all people could change the world. It is based on the lives of two characters. Jean Valjean is a man who lost everything and became a petty thief. He was then sentenced to the firing squad for the theft of money from a soldier.

The other character is Fantine, who was once a favorite of Marie Antoinette. She had the ability to turn anything into gold with a simple wave of her wand. She was a rather rich lady and had several mansions built to her specifications. Valjean's sister, Marius, came along and purchased Marius' throne so she could rule her brother. She did not want to rule alone so she sold her slave to the police to help her become rich.

The show revolves around the war between the two men. With an aim to bring light into their pasts, their rivalry ends up shining light on the present, and the dreams they shared through life. They are both different sides of the same coin.

The movie is not an exact replica of the show, although it could probably work as one in terms of the conflict between the characters. But the main focus of the movie is not the conflict between the characters but it is the bonds that were formed through the musical. During the process of creating the movie, the creative team focused a lot on how the relationship between the actors and the audience developed during the course of the musical. The performers took this very seriously and became inspired to take on this role and show the world their talents.

The main character Jean Valjean is a young man from an impoverished background. He takes a life of crime and become a petty thief. His sister, Fantine, becomes a beloved figure of the French people as she is generous with her money and riches. In the end of the movie, Jean makes a choice to change and repent his ways.

The movie is filled with brilliant and classical songs. It showcases the life of the people portrayed in the film through its imagery. The plot of the movie is of epic proportions and every aspect of the movie is an astounding achievement.

You have to see this movie for the songs. The song 'La Marseillaise' portrays the singing talent of the principal cast. It is sung by Aurelie Flos, Meg Foster and Niobe Scolari. It portrays the life of a French citizen and the French struggle for freedom and with it, the key character achieves redemption.

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