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Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out

Hell, any of them could have done it. 2019/11/27 131 min.


Knives Out, Rian Johnson is doing his thing, without expectations or the canon, so it is no surprise that he has returned to where it all began for him: the genre of mystery. Knives Out begins with the 85th birthday party of the famous crime novelist Harlan Thrombey, whose various children, grandchildren, relatives have gathered to celebrate at the Thrombey mansion. As expected, the house becomes a kind of character.

In any case, poor Harlan will not do it again; After the party, he was found dead in his study of an apparent suicide. The officer is ready to conclude things as quickly as possible, but another detective on the scene frustrates him: Benoit Blanc, a southern investigator who suspects that there is more in the case that is seen with the naked eye, especially because he has been hired by someone unknown to investigate the case and the Thrombey family, watch it now to see how it ends.

As in all classical mysteries, almost everyone in the family has their reasons for wanting Harlan to die. Apparently, except for his kind nurse Marta, who also turned out to be the last person to see him alive. What follows is largely a lie in the traditional sense... Until it is not.

Like his previous films, Johnson has his story using a genre known a long time before surprising with his plot, conventions and themes. However, do not worry: Knives Out has its share of social comments about those who have and those who do not have, and about how wealth and privilege often does not relate very well to compassion and empathy, but those ideas they appear in the characters without making the viewer feel that he or she is watching a Ted Talks conference. In fact, somehow, the movie is almost too subtle. Knives Out doesn't give up on the resonance Johnson could have wanted: you'll have fun watching the movie.

But during those 2 hours 10 minutes, it's a visual delight. It is a tribute not only to the script and the direction of Johnson, but to the incredible cast that has gathered to interpret the dysfunctional, vicious and complicated family. Each and every one of them, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon and Toni Collette, just dive into the comic that your director has prepared for all of you, clearly savoring the possibility of crossing between them and entering the dialogue, scenarios and characterizations that are well constructed.

De Armas on paper is attractive, enigmatic and sympathetic as the woman who is a kind of moral center of this little universe, while Craig is having the best moment of his life as the "elegant detective." Rian Johnson has said he wouldn't mind exploring more adventures with Blanc, and if Knives Out is a success, and Craig is willing to return, we'd like to see a new cast and a different story.

It is important to understand that the film reminds Agatha Christie stories about the structure. We have interviews in which we know the characters, several strange and confusing situations and a constant humor producing the peculiar personalities of all. If you have read the author you will find several similarities in the structure and presence of Benoit Blanc, by way of Hercules Poirot.

As we said before the film is very funny, you will laugh out loud in several scenes and remember movies like Murder in the East Express or even Clue. The characters are different and peculiar, their interactions make sparks, with funny and intelligent dialogues, watch it online to see for yourself.

At the same time, the film takes its moments to make certain criticisms of current situations in the same country, such as immigration problems or children who were locked up and separated from their parents. This issue is handled not only intelligently, but also with a good dose of humor.

Original title Knives Out
TMDb Rating 7.8 3209 votes

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