Just Mercy
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Just Mercy (2019)

Just Mercy

Every generation has its hero. Meet ours. 2019/12/25 136 min.


In Just Mercy, Joseph Campbell sheds light on the ways that we conceptualize a quest and the relation of individual to community, and civilization. By building a dialog between 'The Hero and the Guru', Campbell delineates how the journey to the story center falls into two perspectives: the 'heroic' one and the other, which focus on the game of the story itself. Campbell's journey from player to storyteller is an absolute 'are you with me?'

The movie starts in an island whose only means of transportation is through an airfield, on which lies an abandoned and decayed military installation. A small group of Marines lead by Captain Klaus Goldmark (James Earl Jones), fall in love with a girl, Anna (Meryl Streep), who rescues them from being killed. Two days later, they land on an uninhabited island where they find no one and no life, but eventually they will meet something called the 'Barbarian's Story'.

The remaining ten minutes are a montage, with only brief flashes of what is to come. The people of the Barbados town suddenly die mysteriously. At the same time, the 'Barbarian's Story' emerges from its hiding place, in order to capture Anna. As it does so, the barbarians kill all the inhabitants and the young couple take refuge inside the barbed wire.

The next scene has the Barbadian soldiers standing around and listening to the Barbarians' Story. In order to learn more about the 'Barbarian's Story', the man opens a box and pulls out a white lace gown and a silver hair clip and begins to dance.

Anna and her brother Go (Dylan McDermott) find their way out of the barbed wire, but soon, Go is possessed by the spirit of the young girl. He falls in love with Anna, but he feels like the girl will be able to 'take' him back.

Meanwhile, Captain Klaus is leaving with 'little time' to communicate with his comrades, because a plane has crashed into their airfield. The men set out in the ensuing chaos and encounters the barbarians, who are nowhere to be found. They fight with the others and they die, leaving behind their treasure of diamonds and gold.

Just a few days later, the one who performed the 'precious' ritual in the bargains' treasure cave and was entrapped with all the treasures in that cave was slain by another barbarian, even though he wished to protect his treasure. It is only after the death of the one who killed the one who locked him up in the cave that the 'hero' realizes that he was trapped there and it is the bargains' responsibility to protect his treasure. In the end, it becomes a very heart-warming yet frightening and confusing experience.

The movie takes place on an island where the people are simple and humble, like those in the Bible; but they are also full of love and give hope to all the other human beings in the whole world. The movie is about the growth of the 'self' and its relation to the human society, as well as the courage of the people to stand up against evil. Just Mercy is indeed a movie which deserves to be watched and must be seen.

Original title Just Mercy
TMDb Rating 8.2 331 votes

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