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Put on a happy face. 2019/10/2 122 min.


Since the news came out that Joker would participate in the new edition of the Venice Festival the controversy was served. A superhero movie competing in one of the most important film festivals worldwide where the jury also has the habit of rewarding author films with less impact and more need for promotion. But when the Golden Lion won, expectations soared and curiosity too. Was she really deserving of such an award? By watching the movie we can ensure that the general enthusiasm has not been in vain. Indeed, Joker is a great movie and his prize has not only set a precedent, but his recognition is completely justified.

But after its premiere the controversy has been another: its message. The public has been divided among those who see in Joker a dangerous defense of violence and a call to revolution; and those who understand that it is only a critique of the system they see as the true villain. And in that second group we put ourselves in writing this analysis. Watch now Joker and decide which do you think its message is.

Warner recently sent a statement making it clear that Joker was a fiction, as if it were necessary to emphasize the evidence. But, and this is even more serious, some cinemas in the United States also sent a warning to their spectators warning them that it was forbidden to wear masks of the character to the room (guns however they said nothing). The level of hysteria that has been reached has no justification watching the movie. Joker is not at all a call to violence, but a warning of how the system can explode if its bases cannot be taken care of.

For the first time we see Gotham from another perspective. Instead of having the point of view of those who watch from above, so typical in Batman films, this time Gotham we see it from below, from those who suffer and try to survive in the midst of despair. A dark, cold, dirty and cruel world. And in that world about to explode, a madman can be the match that makes everything burn in ashes, and that's where the Joker character becomes big and powerful, in the midst of chaos.

With Joker something very peculiar happens and that we should not overlook. For the first time the origin of the villain does not come after the trauma, but Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) becomes the Joker when the social aids necessary to overcome that trauma are taken away. Although they explain to us that he had a difficult childhood with a mother with serious mental problems and a stepfather who abused him, and taking into account that social assistance is minimal and insufficient for the degree of mental illness he is in, when the cuts leave him without any help, his madness reaches the maximum until it becomes a danger both for himself and for public safety.

What shows us once again that if we do not take care of the foundations of our society they will revolt against us. To put it another way, if we do not help the people who need it, creating that social destabilization as brutal as the one shown by Gotham, not only will erroneous leaders be generated, but all people full of rage and pain will add to the tired chaos to expect a solution that never comes. The most curious thing is that the match will then be blamed for having caused the fire, when the system itself has taken care of filling gasoline in every corner.

In short, Joker is not a call to violence or a justification of the barbarities of its protagonist, but is a warning. Watch it now to be warned by this incredible movie.

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