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Hustlers (2019)


2019/9/12 107 min.


Finally arrives at the cinema's Hustlers, one of the great sensations of the year at the American box office. Franchises increasingly have a greater presence in Hollywood, so the fact that a film outside of them exceeds 100 million in the United States is a milestone too unusual in recent years.

It has highlighted the overwhelming presence of Jennifer Lopez, there is a certain consensus that it is the best performance of her career. It is not that there are many memorable interpretations in it, so that may sound small to some, but it is that her remarkable performance is only one of the many virtues of this particular criminal story based on real events, watch it now a judge by yourself.

For a time, the possibility of Martin Scorsese or Adam McKay being charged with the staging of Hustlers was assessed. A decision that would have had its logic considering the material that handles the film written by Lorene Scafaria from an article in The New York Times written by Jessica Pressler, but probably would have been a mistake. A feminine approach is needed here and Scafaria seemed aware of it since she opted for a long time to direct it and finally took the water cat.

And is that the first major axis on which Hustlers rests is the friendship that is established between its protagonists, strippers whose life is brutally affected by the economic crisis that started in 2008 and from which many have not yet recovered.

Scafaria builds the film as a great flashback resulting from the interview that Destiny (Constance Wu), the true protagonist of the function, is granting to a journalist, but within it, there is a notable change due to that terrible crisis that sank the existence of many. Before it is not that you try to give glamor to life within the club, but there is a luminosity and optimism associated with your activity because you have simply found a way to make a good living in that way.

This point is built around the birth of the friendship between Destiny and Ramona (Lopez), the great star of the club. The first is a newcomer who does not finish taking the trick to her new job and the second welcomes her with open arms. Accustomed as we are to stories that potentiate rivalries, it is a breath of fresh air that bad rolls are left for another time and brotherhood is encouraged that is also decisive to give a different energy to the criminal stage of the story.

The film itself makes a small pause as a transition between both stages, being there when the protagonism of Wu, who recently participated in the very successful 'Crazy Rich Asians'-, are re-empowered to illustrate through his character the sinking of the way of life of the protagonists and what led them to devise a curious scam. In addition, Scafaria is very intelligent in detaching her from her creation for the benefit of seeing him as a kind of only way out for a desperate situation.

This will further lighten the fact of cheating former customers to get ahead. The problem is that when everything seems too good to be true, there comes a point where problems arise. Here it is fair to point out that Hustlers always maintain its freshness, but that in this section it becomes somewhat redundant in the issues it addresses before the cracks in the plan arise due to Ramona's greed.

What always remains is a careful emotional development of the story. One really feels that the friendship that arises between Destiny and Ramona as something genuine, with Wu relying more on the dramatic record and Lopez on his ability to channel his presence and charisma. It is a very special relationship that always serves as a foothold for Scafaria, even when things between them are not going well.

In addition, Hustlers has a very good pace. Scafaria knows how to handle very well the moments in which to stop the evolution of history or return to the present. All of them provide some details that enrich the story and its characters. It is true that some secondary could have given more of themselves, but the focus of the story is well profiled and there the film could have been lost in dead ends.

Hustlers proposes an efficient approach to a curious true story. This could have been approached very differently, but the fact of enhancing friendship - almost brotherhood - among its protagonists gives the film an energy that does not usually appear in stories of these characteristics, watch now the movie to see how it goes.

Original title Hustlers
TMDb Rating 6.3 1224 votes

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