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The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 104 min.


Frozen set the bar high for Disney. It won awards right and left and resulted in a real box office bomb that made the story of Elsa and Anna become the highest-grossing animated film of all time. "Let it go" was everywhere for months and years, showing that when we find a catchy song that "let go" is not so easy. And, of course, Frozen obsessed the little ones (and not so small) as very few stories they had gotten so far, watch now its sequel and see how it follows and lives up to its predecessor.

Of course, Frozen was also harshly criticized for its differences with the story of Hans Christian Andersen in which it is inspired, The Snow Queen, and there are those who pointed out all the potential lost in favor of catchy pop songs, with the exception of some really good moments that finally fell in love with millions of spectators.

So with this squad, of course, when it was announced that Elsa and Anna would return for a second movie, there was equal love and skepticism, especially since Walt Disney Animation Studios had already told us all about them and everything had been very good chewed and with a perfect resolution for a story about two sisters and true love.

Well, we were wrong, and a lot. Frozen 2 is the sequel that we did not know we needed, and that not only works as a sequel but also leaves us important lessons with its story.

Frozen 2 takes the best elements of its predecessor and multiplies them, also knowing how to correct the mistakes that were criticized at the time of the 2013 film. Although it is still a perfectly suitable story for children and a young audience, how to deal with the plots. The characters have already taken a more mature and adult twist, showing that the protagonists have grown and become wiser since their first adventure.

And what is Frozen 2 about? This review is free of spoilers so we will not go too much into details. The sequel delves deeper into Elsa and Anna's family and where they come from, developing their relationship with their parents and recovering old family secrets.

Things seem to be going very well in Arandelle now that Elsa is queen and has better control over her powers, Anna is no longer alone and has friends and a family that loves her... But things get complicated when these secrets of the past come back and They shake the life of the kingdom.

To fight against this threat, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven must enter the enchanted forest to discover the secrets that their parents hid from them and amend the mistakes of the past that confronted Arandelle and the forest people. To do this, Elsa must also learn more about her powers and her role in the world.

As we told you above, Frozen 2 amends part of the defects that were criticized for the first film. First, it focuses even more on the relationship between Elsa and Anna and how it has changed in recent years. The two sisters enjoy equal prominence and agency and move the plot together. Especially Elsa has a more active role, taking full control of her powers and responsibilities.

Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna's mother, is also given more importance, who didn't even say a word in the first movie. In Frozen 2, we can see a glimpse of how the relationship with her daughters was and the importance of her teachings.

Olaf continues to steal almost every scene he participates in, with a well-worn mix of comedy and existentialism. The worst off is Kristoff (and also Sven), who becomes an almost anecdotal and supportive character, although he manages to shine in a few moments, one of them thanks his new solo song, watch online Frozen 2 and rediscover this beautiful adventure.

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