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Medico's series of science fiction movies about a human brain is called The Coma. The story is a fictional based on a true story. The film based on a series of three serie's that stars Ewan McGregor, Jude Law and Sienna Miller. The story revolves around the last days of Lord Byron, who has been seduced by Countess Marie von Walburga and falls into a coma. Byron's beloved wife will fall into a coma and take her with her, when Byron dies.

Lord Byron, who was born in Edinburgh and worked as a lawyer in London, chooses to return to Scotland and marry Maria von Walburga. The problem with this marriage is that it was between a man and a woman and Byron found out that there were differences in their compatibility. Lord Byron was an artist and he couldn't live without his drawing and painting skills. Lord Byron was also a devout believer of Christianity.

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The first movie in The Coma series, titled "The Lost Princess" has a very well made plot and is a romantic movie that has been re-edited into the original format. In this movie, the main character Lord Byron is depicted as a brilliant artist who is deeply in love with a lovely woman named Maria von Walburga. Byron had fallen in love with Maria while he was serving in the army during the American War of Independence. When Byron's parents fell ill and he returned to England, they married his father to Maria, and he became the new lord of Byron's realm. Maria was a great poet and when Byron became a father, he fell in love with his daughter.

In The Coma movie, Lord Byron is portrayed as a hard working person, who is getting tired of the tyranny and bloodshed of war and wanted to be part of the peaceful life with Maria. The love story between him and Maria takes a turn, when Byron discovers that his new wife is an actress and secretly doesn't love him after all. Byron decides to live the rest of his life and remain loyal to only one woman - Maria. Byron is lured by a mysterious servant who shows him a picture of a beautiful woman.

The next movie in The Coma series is entitled "The Prince of Lie". In this movie, Lord Byron meets his daughter and has a flashback about how they met. During that time, the connection between Lord Byron and his daughter is revealed, causing him to feel the same confusion and despair that both his mother and father had experienced during their lifetime. Byron spends more time with Maria and believes that everything is going to be fine. However, a great tragedy is set in motion, when a nun discovers Byron's secret affair with Maria and makes him reveal it to Maria.

After this revelation, Lord Byron realizes that Maria is the one for him and so he is forced to lose his heart. In the third movie, "My Old Lady", Lord Byron becomes ill with a disease that he thinks is a serious case of madness. He falls into a coma and the movie ends with the Lord and Lady Byron having a loving wedding. The plot of this movie is somewhat similar to the previous one, in that Byron has fallen in love with Maria, but this time the two of them fall apart.

The sequels of The Coma, which were based on the previous movie, "The Prince of Lie", have not had as much success as the original movie. These sequels are also less successful than the first two movies. The last movie in the series is "My Night", which chronicles the dying days of Lord Byron and his wife.

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