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Based on a Real Scandal 2019/12/13 108 min.


A spectacular and colourful character of a top movie, Sharon Stone has starred in two more movies after her success in the current movie, "Debbie Does Dallas". More movies are on their way and this time she stars in another remake of a classic film, "Gone with the Wind". This time, the movie is a blockbuster and she is asked to play a different kind of role.

Online film fans have already started commenting about it. The director, whose name we won't mention here, hopes for reviews from other critics who haven't seen the film yet. But this writer knows all the best reviews and comments made on a review-site. One can deduce from her comments, if the reviewer really enjoyed the movie.

The film is not just for one reviewer only, but it was designed for several reviewers. So they can check it out separately and make a comparison, which is an important element in judging a movie. If the reviewer loves a movie, why not join the online community who feels the same way?

This reviewer was quite excited when she first saw the trailer, because this movie is another huge production like "Gia", a film made by Barry Lopez. The biggest movie from that director was the Oscar-winning, Oscar-nominated "Gia". In fact, he directed the films, "Her", "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints"The Candidate" and had only a few bad movies for his career.

Sharon Stone plays a police officer with a sexy body and a great attitude. Fans of her should get a kick out of her and will be amazed at how she turns into a female SWAT team member. Here's an excerpt from a review-site:

This movie, unlike its predecessors, does not center on its story exclusively on two female leads, Sharon Stone and Maggie Smith. The women are treated like human beings, and there is a great deal of chemistry between them. The relationship between the women is so believable that it would be a bit embarrassing to watch a three-minute, side-splitting montage showing two women having sex.

In my opinion, the reviews made by this reviewer are very honest. I agree with her that it is not a side-splitting montage, as some have said. While the acting is fantastic, the movie does not have the sense of music or great sets. Scenes, but scenes are dragged and there are a lot of scenes lacking action.

As a conclusion, this movie is great. It's safe and believable and the cinematography is very nice. The film's action scenes are well-executed and the fights are effective. But since the movie is called "Bombshell", and it features a stunning yet beautiful bombshell, it cannot deliver what the reviewers expect, which is the spicy sexy Scarlett Johansson's role in "Gone with the Wind".

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