Angel Has Fallen
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Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Angel Has Fallen

Loyalty is under fire 2019/8/21 122 min.


The new action movie called Angel Has Fallen is, naturally, now the third film in the Olympus Has Fallen movie series, which have been going around for a long time now, and it seems that it's been a good fit for the box office, since there are already 3 movies in 7 years, plus this new one would be three, with well-known actors in their cast, so let's see what's the juice of these movies that Hollywood studios don't seem ready to let go of.

After an unexpected attack against the United States' president, agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is charged with an attempted assassination of the United States' president. Pursued by the agency he's worked for for years by the FBI, Banning participates in a race against the clock to discover the real terrorists and tear down their plans, watch now the movie and see if he achieves his goal or gets judged by a crime he did not commit.

The film meets its goal of entertaining and giving a dose of good action, of very good quality and very well directed throughout the film, without being left behind in anything. It is a film highly concentrated in action and adrenaline, being a sequel, it does not take much time to develop the characters and present them in a more appropriate way, which is correct and is acceptable knowing where the story is directed.

The story is interesting but after a while, it becomes somewhat repetitive and very forced in several aspects, but this is (sadly) nothing we haven't already seen on previous movies of this saga generating something dense in the scenes that there is no action. The film catches you on the side of the action, it is not easy to be interested in the characters or adapt to them. You know there is action and you realize when it will arrive, then it is the only thing that generates interest.

You can not say much about the performances, as we mentioned before, it is a great cast and big stars, you could not expect a bad job. Who else stands out is Nick Nolte who has a small appearance that could be said to steal the movie, he's a very talented actor.

Probably the only character with whom we felt more connected to, at least a little more and we are interested in his background story, it is very curious how this actor manages to represent a character like this and stand out. This is a character who shouldn't be nice but manages to laugh with his interpretation of former Soldier retired, you could watch now the movie so that you can understand what we're talking about.

What can be analyzed most in these films is the production, in that everything has a very good job on top of a very good staging, everything looks very real and does not take you out of the reality of the film, in this kind of films, it's always hard to achieve this, please the audience with lots of action and adrenaline, but keeping it "real" at the same time, and Angel Has Fallen looks like it could give a class to other movies about it. A very big problem is photography, which is disastrous, good special effects and everything else is lost a bit by not having good cinematography.

Anyway, Angel Has Fallen is an interesting movie for fans of action movies, if you are looking for a story with foundations and a good script, this is not the one. Here you will find fun but a dense and repetitive story when the action happens.

Original title Angel Has Fallen
TMDb Rating 6.2 1383 votes

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