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Disney announced the arrival for 2019 of the meat and bone version of its classic movie ‘Aladdin’. The successful Disney animated version of 1992 raised $217 million dollars nationwide and $504 million worldwide in 1992, and it seems that the company is looking to recreate the success of the 'Beauty and the Beast' remakes. o The Jungle Book. Next, we tell you everything we know about the new Aladdin movie or watch it online to find out for yourself how good it is.

Good news! The official premiere of the long-awaited Disney movie: Aladdin took place on May 22. The launch was made at "El Capitan Theater" in the city of Los Angeles and was attended by the entire cast of the production, including the protagonists, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott and of course, Will Smith, who was responsible for recreating the remembered Genius.

The presentation was full of color, not only because of the successful costumes of the actors but also because the place was set in the form of an Arab palace, as seen in some images of the film.

So, if you were waiting to see this production to remember that story you possibly saw in your childhood, do not miss the opportunity to go to the movies.

Do you remember "A Whole New World” of the movie Aladdin? If so, you will love to see the preview that Disney offers us of its new version of this success story. With actors of the height of Will Smith, making the genie of the lamp, without a doubt this advance or advance only increases the desire we have to see the remake

Directed by Guy Ritchie from a script written by John August (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), in this new film who plays Aladdin is the actor Mena Masud, who plays a cunning thief from the Arab city of Agrabah, who falls in love with Princess Jasmine (character played by Naomi Scott), the beautiful daughter of the Sultan (whom Navid Negahban embodies). Meanwhile, the evil wizard Jafar, played by actor Marwan Kenzari, will try to gain control of a magical genius (Will Smith) who is dedicated to fulfilling desires after being released from a lamp that Aladdin himself finds.

Already when the release of the new Disney movie Aladdin was announced, it became known that Will Smith would be the one who would play the famous genie of the magic lamp. And we could already see it in action in a ‘teaser’ of the movie that was released on February 10. However, apparently, this new glimpse of the next Aladdin inspired several different reactions on social networks, from emotion to disappointment.

A large number of publications on the networks claim that it will be difficult for Smith to fill the shoes of genius, whose voice in the English language was that of the late and dear actor Robin Williams. As in the animated version, the character played by Will Smith is a massive blue genius, thanks to the effects of CGI.

In the teaser, we can see Aladdin entering a cave to retrieve the magic lamp on Jaffar's orders, and we are witnessing the moment when the young thief and the genie meet for the first time under the earth. Also, we are given a glimpse of Princess Jasmine, the Abu monkey, the Parrot Lake and of course, the magic carpet, which is also a character in this version.

Scenes of dances in the city of Agrabah, in addition to seeing Aladdin in trouble inside the cave, were the first glimpse of what Disney made known to us by the hour, but we will keep you informed as we receive more news, images, and everything you would like to know about this movie.

The images were released by The First Look Entertainment, who revealed exclusively the first official images of the main characters of the movie Aladdin, where Will Smith is seen, who plays the character of the “Genie”, wearing not only flashy bracelets but also, a rather peculiar haircut and a beard in the shape of a tail, very similar to the genius in cartoon version. What we apparently won't see, will be Will Smith painted blue.

On the other hand, you can also see the actress Naomi Scott, who will play Jasmine, in a beautiful emerald suit, very similar to that of the original film and Mena Massoud (Aladdin) with pointed shoes and a traditional dress of the place where she Develop the plot, watch now the movie and see how it goes.

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