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The Ad Astra Trilogy has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was released online. Although its main characters include a hero and a villain, it is a trilogy of sorts that runs from the beginning of the trilogy to the very end. Those who wish to see it can now enjoy viewing this web-movie online for free.

The Ad Astra Series is a collection of three movies that all focus on the life of the main character. The most famous character in the trilogy is the superhero known as Ad Astra. Ad Astra, also known as Teddy Parker, is a teenager who is working for the TV network called TVG where he discovers that he has super human abilities and, as a result, is given powers to protect his family.

This series was directed by writer Eric Molinsky. He made sure that the story was told through the eyes of Teddy Parker so viewers will be able to understand what the protagonist is going through in the plot. The actors also play their roles well to make this web-movie worth watching.

Although this movie is a little dry at times, it is one of the best selling movie of its kind. There are movies that are even better than this one. In fact, if you still haven't seen this movie, it is best to wait and watch it.

While this movie is rated PG-13, it is still watched by teenagers. Also, some parents would not want their children to watch this as this movie may be disturbing for them to see. The violence that is shown in this movie are real and may be disturbing to some people.

Since the movie is so good, it is recommended to watch the first movie, "The Greater Good" first. This movie is more appropriate for young adults, as it gives the audience a general introduction to the rest of the movies. You can also go back and watch the first movie, if you have time.

For those who have already seen the first movie, then the second movie, "Abattoir", should give you the hint of what the future holds for the third installment. The third movie is titled "Beneath the Surface" and shows a glimpse of what the final installment will be like. It is said that this movie will also be dubbed into English.

Those who are fans of the movie should definitely see the serie. It is a great addition to the genre. It will definitely entertain the viewers with its exciting storyline and action scenes.

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