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They say no one can save the world. Meet no one. 2019/12/13 127 min.


Much has been said and written about Michael Bay, and although you can criticize movies that are released year after year, you can not deny that he has a very own style. After all, however disastrous the tape may be, one can always recognize that it is a production "directed by Michael Bay." Some of its main features include explosions everywhere, nerve chambers, saturated colorization, extremely sexualized female characters, and eschatological humor, watch now 6 Underground and see for yourself.

We said Bay had a style. We never said it was a nice style.

However, we are not part of those who affirm that it is one of the worst directors in history, far from it. Although many of his films are virtually unbearable - consider, if not, the eternal and tedious "Transformers: The Last Knight", or the disgusting and racist "Bad Boys II" -, he has some that, to the surprise of his " haters ”, they let themselves be seen. The first "Bad Boys" is an entertaining and intense enough action movie, for example; simple compared to its horrible sequel. "The Island," on the other hand, is far more intelligent and ambitious than the rest of its proposals - reason why, obviously, it ended up being the least successful of all financially. And even "Pain and Gain" works like a hilarious action comedy, including satirical elements that one would hardly find in the rest of Bay's filmography.

It is for all that, precisely, that he had a lot of faith in "6 Underground". After all, it promised to be an action movie full of the elements that Bay has accustomed us to, mixed with Ryan Reynolds' unique sense of humor. Something like "The Rock", but replacing Nic Cage with Deadpool. And although the first twenty minutes of the film give us just that - it will depend on each one if this results in a hilarious and intense sequence, or a real headache - the rest of “6 Underground” disappoints greatly. Tedious, offensive, and incredibly stupid, the film feels surprisingly lazy — almost as if Bay had directed it on autopilot, mixing most of the elements we've seen in its previous films (but not including talking robots, thank God).

The premise does not lack potential. Reynolds plays Uno, a billionaire who, tired of seeing so much evil in the world, decides to use his considerable resources to create a paramilitary group of vigilantes, in charge of eliminating some of the worst villains on the planet. This group includes Dos (Mélanie Laurent), a former CIA agent; Tres (Manuel García-Rulfo), a somewhat buffoon Mexican; Four (Ben "Queen's Drummer" Hardy), parkour expert; Cinco (Adria Arjona), a doctor; Six (Dave Franco) an expert pilot, and eventually, Seven (Corey Hawkins), a great sniper. Together, they will try to assassinate dictator Rovach Alimov (Lior Raz) to replace him with his brother, Murat (Payman Maadi) and thus help democracy return to a chaotic and socially helpless country.

The plot itself is not particularly complicated, but neither the screenplay by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese ("Deadpool") nor Bay's direction help him feel coherent. The structure of the film, for example, is quite curious - it mixes different timelines, interspersing the “present” with various flashbacks related to the origins of its characters, and even scenes where we see the events that took place before the main mission And although the goal of our heroes is not particularly difficult to understand, the mission is explained, at least, three times by different characters, so that even the most idiotic spectator can understand it. Add to this a frantic and inelegant editing work — Bay seems to now love jump cuts — and a predictably hyperactive rhythm, and “6 Underground” ends up being a confusing and frustrating experience, watch it now to judge by yourself.

Because although Bay never changes his style, his action sequences usually end up being or incredibly exciting, creative and tense (as in "The Rock" or "The Island"), or the equivalent of two mammoths fighting inside a kitchen full of pans. Unfortunately, and despite being superior to the encounters between terribly designed robots in the schools of "Transformers", the persecutions, shootings and fights in "6 Underground" are closer to the latter. Consider, if not, the persecution that starts the movie: it feels eternal, and is interspersed with unnecessary flashbacks, "funny" dialogues (which can only be shouted by the actors), and an absurd amount of extras being killed. Seriously, if so many innocent people die in the missions of this team, like the "final" goal ends up being invalidated.

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