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1917 (2019)


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A lot of people, who have seen the film Phantom of the Opera, say that the original 1917 version is better than the more recent version. While the newer version may have something for everyone, it is in fact a very faithful remake of the original story. The problem with the new Phantom of the Opera movie is that it only focuses on the more contemporary trends of acting and stage decoration. The story has been left mostly unchanged, except for the character of the Phantom, who was given a different meaning of his name.

The story revolves around a man named Gaston, who is afraid of death, and takes the help of his friends in order to escape from the day-to-day grind of his life by adopting a modern music style. Phantom of the Opera first came out in 1916 and soon became an instant sensation, drawing huge crowds wherever it was shown. Most people know that this particular story is based on the works of Shakespeare, but they are not familiar with the true details of the story. There are a number of stories behind the creation of the Phantom of the Opera stage show. These include the stories of the following:

* A similar story to Phantom of the Opera was made in 1917 and was called La Traviata. It was a classical opera that originated in Italy. The character of the Phantom was then known as a man who rode a white horse and rescued women and girls from violence.

* The next musical on the list is by far the most famous of the series of Phantom of the Opera adaptations. It is called the Serenade and was written by Alexandre Dumas. It was first performed in Paris in November of 1917, and was shown in London a few months later.

* The Serenade was often considered a critical failure of the Phantom of the Opera stories, especially with regard to its plot. The story in this one revolved around a Phantomwho was famous for his beautiful singing voice. However, the most interesting thing about this particular story is that it has a really modern musical performance, which makes it stand out among the other versions.

* Another adaptation of this film that took place a few years later was called Sunrise, which was a French film directed by Louis Malle. This film featured a tragic love story between two lovers, which had a surprising ending, similar to the movie of the same name.

* The most famous adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera stories is the latest one, a film called Phantom of the Opera II. This version focuses primarily on the plot of the story and didn't stray much from the original story. It also moved the setting from Paris to a small town in France, so that the rest of the story could be explained in a more realistic setting.

All in all, this Phantom of the Opera film is probably one of the best ones, and easily one of the most popular ones that have ever been released. While it is definitely a good film, the changes that were made to the story by various writers make it impossible to say whether or not the current story is better than the original one. It is still up to you to decide on whether or not you like the Phantom of the Opera movies as they stand.

Original title 1917
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