Mission: Impossible - Fallout
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Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Some Missions Are Not A Choice 2018/7/13 148 min.


If you have never seen the movie Mission: Impossible, it is a spy/disaster movie based on the television series of the same name. It is set in London and it follows the adventures of three members of the British secret service: DI Dominic Shaw (Tom Cruise), DI Peter McGrew (Keira Knightley) and DI Ethan Hunt (Javier Bardem). These heroes are tasked with various undercover jobs as well as dangerous ones and they try to protect innocent people from harm. The first Mission: Impossible movie was released in 1996.

In this movie, John Travolta plays Jack Ryan, a brilliant and ambitious military officer whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that his closest friend has been killed in an assassination attempt on the president. However, Jack gets into another conflict when he starts a new love affair with Jill Ireland (Megan Fox), a new woman in his life. Telling the truth about her has repercussions. As for Jill, she is on her way to Pakistan to save her husband's life. Unfortunately, her husband is also involved in a criminal conspiracy.

Mission: Impossible is a modern espionage drama. Although the story is fictional, the fact that the world is seen through the eyes of those in the group makes this movie very realistic. It is a great movie for kids and adults alike.

The movie is available on YouTube in High Definition. This version is a low-quality, but the movie looks good. It is interesting to watch the action sequences with a fast internet connection. After the first few minutes, the characters start to look real. The computer graphics were impressive.

The movie reviews were mixed, however, but the positive reviews showed that Mission: Impossible was indeed a hit. In fact, it was one of the most watched movies at the time. It was a movie that captured the imagination of young and old viewers. Mission: Impossible - Fallout is not a big spoiler, so it is worth watching anyway.

There were many war game scenarios in the movie. The result of these simulations was very successful. Many of the results of the simulations were so accurate that they scared the director Tom Cruise.

In one of the scenes, the main character could do nothing but cry. In another scene, Ethan Hunt said that he did not want to die in front of his mother. He asked his father if he could find some happiness, and after some research, he found out that Ethan Hunt, now the deputy director of the CIA, is to marry a beautiful woman named Tricia Helfer.

The last thing in the movie is that we saw a quick explosion at the end of the movie. The plot is pretty good, and the characters all have a good chemistry with each other. The actions in the final scenes could be considered a spoiler, so it is recommended that you avoid watching it.

Original title Mission: Impossible - Fallout
TMDb Rating 7.3 4788 votes

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