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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

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Darkness rises... and light to meet it 2017/12/13 152 min.


The second film in a trilogy is always known as the most obscure and transformative. The characters presented at the beginning discover themselves, the enemy is strengthened and the first steps towards closure are paved. Star Wars: The Last Jedi follows this primer, but does it in a way never seen in the series. Heroes and villains are confused in a story full of ups and downs, but that never loses sight of the main mission: to show the journey of its protagonists, Rey and Kylo Ren. Instead of following the traditional premise of good and badly drawn as opposites, the feature mixes the concepts not only in the main duo, but in much of the cast - new and old characters. This combination expands in the narrative and rhythm of the film, the least conventional of the entire franchise, if you want to see for yourself, we recommend that you watch online the film so that you can understand what we refer to. Also, if you haven't watched any Star Wars movie before (like for example, in the case you have been living under a rock at the bottom of the antartic ocean), it is better that you watch the other films, so that you can really get in context and judge the movie as it should be properly done.

Rian Johnson, director and screenwriter, does not stick to anything established by the style of The Force Awakens. The speed with which he changes the core, presents new faces and rescues the stories of the original trilogy in no way resemble the work of J.J. Abrams. And while distorting expectations, the filmmaker has the necessary sensitivity to deal with the old characters without making them free fan services. Although it extends in some moments, The Last Jedi respects the place and the importance of the series in the same measure that it understands the need to evolve it. It is fearless devotion, a conscious boldness. A combination that maintains the series in the avant-garde role established when the Skywalker saga began in 1977 with George Lucas.

Like the other chapters of the series, the clumsy humor of the robots and the caricature of totalitarianism are very present. Even with the red-black tone of the photograph and the grim footprint of the John Williams soundtrack, there is still the feeling of adventure spread throughout the film. What strengthens this impression are the creatures scattered throughout the galaxy, the lack of shame in making jokes in the midst of tension is the realization that Star Wars has an identity also marked by comedy. At the same time, only The Empire Strikes Back has dramatic twists and turns like The Last Jedi. The way Jonhson presents these changes is built by an accelerated camera, quick dialogues and two actors totally delivered to the characters. Rey's innocence gradually fades from Daisy Ridley's eyes, while Kylo's fury gradually grows on Adam Driver's face.

The military confrontation of space warfare is where the supporting cast stands out. The script brings together almost all the characters in one core, but takes them through different missions to save the Resistance. In these moments, the division of attention impairs the conduct of the second act, which focuses the action on Finn, Poe and Rose. There is enough screen time for all the characters to introduce themselves, show their motivations, but little is said about the situation in the galaxy - it is as if there were only a dozen people concerned or hurt by the achievements of the First Order. Like The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi cares much more about their characters than the context in which they are inserted.

Johnson's text is concerned with really explaining only the connection between Rey, Luke and Kylo Ren. This trio is the essence of the film, which turns Luke into an unconventional type of hero: reluctant, wise, eccentric, imposing. The definitions for the personages are numerous, all similar to other jedi, but in the end the Master Skywalker is unlike anything shown in the franchise. Leia follows the opposite direction, with a more common picture, but just as important. Both are the sensitive trait of The Last Jedi, which does not treat nostalgia as a script ornament, but an addition to the new phase of the old characters. The memories here are used as a transformation and are part of everyone's history. The way the film pays homage and delivers everything the fan expects is commendable. Sometimes subtle, sometimes explosive, but always exciting, as it is to be expected from a Star Wars movie, watch online this film and see if we're right, or just exaggerating.

With the safe path paved by The Force Awakens, the general expectation was for a continuation that would establish the traditional bases of the series. Rebellion against Empire, light against darkness. Rian Johnson's courageous decisions, however, renew the series. The structure of the film does not follow any established concept and prefers to deceive the viewer, provoke questions and leave the definitions for later. Star Wars stars have always been the characters and The Last Jedi transforms them without losing their charm. It's a different way of seeing heroes and villains. And despite being the second film in the trilogy, the film looks like the beginning of a new and great phase for the franchise.

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