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Even though the first two parts of the series are a hit, fans are constantly clamoring for the third installment, "Logan." However, despite the loyal following of the series, there has been no official word on what direction the series will take. Some fans have voiced the theory that it might be headed in a direction that was hinted at in the first two movies, such as a darkly romantic comedy, or in a direction that the fans have always dreamed of, such as an action adventure story.

Movie reviews have reported on the casting in the upcoming "Logan," as having Samuel L. Jackson as a recurring character, with Dafne Keen as the primary villain. This is a shift from the first two parts, where Jackson's character was not in the movie, instead playing a supporting role. In fact, the movie may take place entirely in Japan and Korea, as the two countries are the locations of some of the events in the movie. As such, it would seem that they could be the locations of Logan's origins.

According to those who have worked on the first two movies, they would certainly like to see the third installment for the series. They say that the storyline in the first two parts of the saga, while not perfect, was very exciting and well written, which resulted in many fans wanting to see more of the story.

The fact that they have this much interest in "Logan" says that the characters are beloved and the other characters in the series, including the X-Men, have never failed to draw fans. They also say that the story will be interesting, featuring a long-awaited confrontation between the characters from the first two parts of the saga and their new adversaries.

The series has definitely evolved over the years. The time spent on the relationship between Logan and Mystique, who both appear to be heavily involved in the comics, may have turned some fans off.

Another change is the inclusion of a serious and in-depth character in the series. It was not until this season that Magneto, the character that started the series and has been referred to in recent months, has been revealed to be a mutant. While not much was known about his true identity, the concept was enough to reignite the fan base.

One thing that has remained consistent is the conflict that the series has involved, which is the politics between Logan and Charles Xavier. Both seem to be far from being friends, as Logan views Xavier as arrogant and a fool, who was always looking to exploit Logan as a means to gain power and knowledge. The story so far seems to show them at war for control over the human race, until they reach a place where both men are desperate to recover their lost love.

While it is still too early to tell how the third installment will turn out, Logan fans can look forward to the fun and excitement of seeing the action between these two characters. The X-Men franchise has a long history, but fans will enjoy the chance to see their favorite characters collide, once again. The only question will be how far they will go to get back to their past.

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