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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

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Every generation has a story. 2015/12/15 136 min.


"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was already expected to be a success beyond this galaxy. The film was expected by eager fans of all ages and generations and has been unanimously pleasing everyone.

The new chapter of Star Wars debuted last Thursday, 17, and has already broken all possible box office records, this only in a single weekend. And it is with all this “strength” that director JJ Abrams delivered us a film worthy of the title of the most honest film in the saga so far: Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

Upon learning of Lucasfilm's purchase by Disney, we were all afraid. After all, what could possibly come out of Mickey Mouse's house related to Star Wars ?! It was with that thought that we all broke down. If George Lucas took advantage of the fame of the classic trilogy to propel the new (which is now old) and eroded the franchise, the new film brought the necessary courage to erase all the dark past, watch now the movie and understand why.

The film's photo, signed by Daniel Mindel (Beyond Darkness - Star Trek (2013), The Spectacular Spider-Man 2: The Electro Menace (2014)), is impeccable and extremely beautiful. The scenarios, almost all real, with real characters, far from that CGI festival and computer effects of the new trilogy gave more reality and identity to the film.

The new characters inserted in the plot: the stromtrooper Finn, the pilot of the resistance Poe Dameron, the professional garbage collector, Rey and the friendly droid BB-8 set the tone of the film, perfectly matching their stories with the characters of the classic trilogy. And speaking of classic trilogy, with every reference understood, as Captain America says, there is a smile on his face.

The villain Kylo Ren, showed what he came for and did not get carried away by situations that could shake his villainy. The First Order, a new organization created from the ashes of the empire, is much more powerful and organized.

Like any initial film in a trilogy, many points (many of them) were left to be explained in the next films. Several doubts and questions remained in the air, some characters appeared less than expected, given the prominence they had in the trailers and others were there for mere convenience.

So that there is no doubt about the quality of the film, in a year with Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max, I, as well as several friends, are already leaving for the second or third trip to the cinema. Something totally out of the ordinary. This is a sign that the force has really awakened and will not fall asleep anytime soon, watch online the film to understand why.

Even in the shadow of the old trilogy and trying to erase the stain from the new one, Episode VII is a film for fans to love and “Younglings” to become fans immediately. So don't waste any more time, go to the nearest cinema and enjoy this wonderful film, at the end you will see that it was worth every penny invested.

The only drawback in the script is the reuse of an old expedition in the saga as a universal threat. Although this time the proportion is higher and the mission sounds more complex, the resolutions occur with less difficulty than is presumed. However, this does not get to scratch the pleasure of watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a film committed to presenting something new, while showing an often touching reverence for the foundations on which it is founded. The family factor remains predominant to strengthen relationships. Certain surprises only confirm that Skywalker is a lineage doomed to tragedy. The battles are exciting, especially the aerial ones, which even use an intelligent 3D to bring the viewer closer to the action. The story itself raises several questions for the future and prepares with great efficiency the way to the next adventures, possibly in which we will witness, perhaps, the effective return of the Jedi mystique. J. J. Abrams did it again.

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