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Whiplash (2014)


The road to greatness can take you to the edge. 2014/10/10 107 min.


The majority of the Whiplash injuries were caused by the blow of a falling object or gust of wind on the affected area. The entire neck area, not just the shoulder, is involved in the accidents.

The statistics on injury claims are clear that there has been a dramatic increase in these claims for Whiplash injuries in recent years. These claims could have been drastically reduced if companies had a system in place to make sure their staff is wearing the right type of clothing. All motor vehicle and home workers should be wearing the correct protective clothing.

For some people it is the part where the movie plays; this is one reason the action of the movie can sometimes confuse the viewers. You might not notice it at first, but the lines that appear in the movie when the character performs the movements can be seen in real life. There have been complaints that the teeth of the actors may not match up with the movie characters. This is another reason why it is important that people wearing the motor vehicle and home worker clothing wear the correct dentures.

Not all of the teeth and gums in the human body are the same size. The throat and mouth are often used in movies as well as in real life. The difference between the two areas is the same as the difference between the teeth of the actors and the correct dental fit of the tooth.

Teeth can be made to be rounder by applying enamel to them but this will cause them to be slightly more oblong in shape. It is possible to have false teeth fitted, but this will mean an extra cost to the insurance company.

Windscreen cleaners are an effective protection against whiplash. Injuries that arise from a blow to the head may not cause serious damage, but they do increase the possibility of having further whiplash in the future. The difference between the damaged teeth and those that are missing may well be enough to stop a claimant from making a claim.

In movies, it is normal for actors to be wearing a scarf over their heads as this adds extra height and support. Some motor vehicle and home workers, however, cannot afford to have this or they do not own one. Dental care devices such as dentures can help people who cannot afford or fit false teeth.

Men and women could be wearing the same clothes but look completely different because of the height difference. In order to remove this extra weight on the knee pads are placed under the calves of the legs. Without the pads on the knees would be much lower than they actually are.

Original title Whiplash
TMDb Rating 8.4 9242 votes

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