Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)

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No Plan. No Backup. No Choice. 2011/12/7 133 min.


The new Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is a somewhat darker installment of the franchise. Ethan Hunt is now a General in charge of operations for the organization, called MIG (Mutually Assured Destruction). The fans of the first two movies might find it to be a bit out of character.

Ethan is promoted to a higher position because of his successes in an earlier mission. The other members of the team are skeptical about this and plan to replace him with Wade, the most popular member. This leads to Ethan being fired again and he is sent to take over the mission on a temporary basis. The second game ends with Ethan, now a General, taking over an undercover operation on board a cruise ship and taking a sniper hostage.

When Ethan completes the game online, the ending credits roll. The ending shows Ethan holding the sniper's gun, with the other team members surrounding him. Ethan decides to go on the boat with the sniper and have the boat explode when the crew tries to leave to rescue the hostage.

Players know Ethan is a ruthless officer of the MIG team and is trying to complete the mission on his own terms. I think this is where the online community says the game was an attempt to assassinate Ethan.

One of the fans of the series wrote in on the forums of the online gaming site. The person said he was very disappointed with the outcome of the mission. He said it was a revenge mission and Ethan was following his rules.

He even said the explosion would have happened in real life too. He said there are a lot of things in the online version that does not make sense. He also said Ethan and Wade were way too alike and if the players had played as Ethan then they would have been two totally different characters.

The player that wrote in also said the staff of the Mission: Impossible franchise should acknowledge the fact that Ethan and Wade were two very similar characters and remove the missions that involve them. This way, players would be able to play the game as Ethan and the other characters without having to play missions involving Ethan and Wade at all.

The fan of the franchise says the online community is blaming Ethan for the outcome of the missions, but the writers of the Mission: Impossible movies should be saying that Ethan is responsible for the outcome of the missions. The fans are looking for revenge and are very passionate about it.

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