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Contagion (2011)


Nothing spreads like fear 2011/9/8 106 min.


The Contagion is a psychological thriller series which was recently adapted to the big screen and it has proven to be a hit among all the members of the movie goers. It is a scientific disaster that occurs in New York City and it is confirmed that the disease has spread to the whole nation. The movie is based on the popularity of the Reunion phenomenon and they have also depicted many scientific breakthroughs and experiments related to the disease.

The story of the film begins with the character of Nick Sax before he was diagnosed with the disease. It is quite difficult for him to accept that the many people around him are going to die one by one and that he is not going to live anymore. He was skeptical about the importance of the outbreak and that he should take the matter seriously.

The role of Travis Burns in the film was played by the young actor Christopher Walken who had undergone a transplant surgery before and it resulted in the cybernetic chip on his brain. He was able to adapt easily to the use of the equipment and with the help of the computer and internet he was able to move ahead to find out the true meaning of the outbreak. The role of Edward Nolan is played by the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has become a victim of the contagion of the disease because of the unethical behavior of the doctor from the university.

The movie is very interesting and the plot revolves around several factions that fight against each other to find the answers to what is happening and what the other side is doing. Some of the characters who are put in the focus are Donald Webster who is a scientist who is working on an anti-contagion vaccine, Alex Krantz who worked for the National Institutes of Health, Mark Brooks who works for Stanford University and Irina Komovskaya who is the leader of the fictional country of Decima.

The actors in the movie have some great qualities and it is interesting to watch them play different roles like BryanCranston has been playing one of the main characters who is corrupt and incompetent in the previous movie Fast and Furious. He plays the role of Dr. Walter Finch who is the head of the lab at the New York Medical Examiner's Office and he becomes a victim of the contagion.

It is very interesting to watch the plot with all the logical side of the disease and the resistance by the scientists in the end. The acting skills of the cast is also a great element of this movie as they have all made their efforts to fulfill the roles that they were given.

The movie is based on the trend of the last decade and it was only logical that a sequel to the Contagion would be released. It has been predicted that the movie is going to be one of the best movies that are ever made and has already attracted quite a number of viewers in the first few days of its release.

Although the movie was good but it is just normal that it has some flaws in the performance and this makes it even more interesting. The plot is a bit limited compared to the first installment but the plot is better than the first movie.

Original title Contagion
TMDb Rating 6.5 3098 votes

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