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Your mind is the scene of the crime. 2010/7/15 148 min.


Inception is a very good movie that you have to see if you are a fan of the best movie that ever came out. This movie was made by Christopher Nolan and it is a sequel to his previous movie The Prestige. The movie is based on the book of the same name, which was written by his brother, a brilliant author named Christopher Moray.

The story of the movie is very fast paced and the action scenes are some of the best in the whole genre. It all started with the film 'Trinity' and in the next movie, the action and plot line are more sophisticated. The movie has excellent directorial skills and you will definitely enjoy the movie if you like the action packed genre.

The first part of the movie was about a person who was dreaming about what he was going to do after being trapped in a time loop. The second part was about the character being a young boy whose dream is to become the savior of mankind. The story then progressed to a parallel world where different people have come to help the main character from his own life situation. As the plot progressed, we get to know that he is not the savior, but he wants to be.

The great thing about this movie is that it is not just a two-dimensional story. The characters are actually real and the world that they live in is as real as we can imagine. The amazing thing about this movie is that it is so plausible that anyone can believe in what is happening.

You might be thinking that I am talking about a movie only. If you have watched the movie, you would see that I am right, though it is only a movie that was based on a true story. If you liked the original book, you would definitely like the movie and the sequels also.

The movie has never been made into a trilogy, just a sequel. However, there are several episodes that are available in DVD's and other video formats. It is probably not a series of movies in which you could watch in one go. After all, it was only supposed to be one movie.

The movie has some great scenes and is one of the best made movies ever. It is a very good movie and can also be watched online. There are many websites that offer these and they have subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hindi, Indonesian, Bahasa, Hebrew, and Malayalam.

The movie sequel Inception is a much better movie than the first one. The first movie was good but not the sequel. So, if you like action packed movies with good storyline, then Inception is the best.

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