The Dark Knight
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The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight

Why So Serious? 2008/7/16 152 min.


If the initial sequence of Batman Begins already made clear the radical turn of this new trilogy, that of The Dark Knight repeats the director's intentionality: an impressive robbery, full of surprises, planned by a twisted and manipulative mind, but at the same time bright and bold so that his execution is perfect. A small masterpiece that leaves us breathless and reveals:

That we are facing a first-rate police thriller (there are obvious similarities to Michael Mann's wonderful Heat)
That the villain of this movie promises.

Both elements are not only confirmed throughout the film, but they reach extraordinary levels, completing 150 minutes of pure cinema.

Nolan opted to continue a path that he had already started in his first Batman, but of which we only saw a few strokes. Once Batman's origin had been explained and why someone like Bruce Wayne decides to become a disguised righteous, it was time to include this premise in a much more real world, insert it into the eternal struggle between law and crime, with police officers, judges, prosecutors and gangsters of all importance (financial and murderers) as protagonists, in The Dark Knight. Any reminiscence of a fantastic Gotham is over, watch now the film and see the difference by yourself.

Nolan finally achieves what he certainly had in mind since he decided to enter the Batman universe: get both the hero and villains fit into an absolutely recognizable world, merge comic and realism to make us believe that it would be possible for a guy dressed as a bat and another make up like a clown were among us. Or, in other words, turning a comic into an adult film, a blockbuster in a serious and intelligent story (with brilliant dialogues), an action film in a tragedy, because, after all, everything we see oozes the inevitability of the fate of classical Greek texts. All this under the mantle of a solid plot like a rock (with more than one stroke of unexpected effect), with a perfect rhythm, which leads us with ease from the most spectacular action to the most overwhelming tension, which achieves 150 minutes. pass in a sigh.

Yes, we will not wait any longer to enter fully into one of the elements that make the big movie. Heath Ledger's composition of the Joker is simply sublime. There is a sequence that gives me special fascination: The Joker walking the streets of Gotham in a police car, sticking his head out the window to enjoy like a child of the wind in his makeup and disfigured face, with a grimace of satisfaction for having left behind him the most absolute chaos after a convoluted and sickly plan.

There are many elements that make The Dark Knight's Joker one of the most memorable characters in the history of cinema, maybe with the exception of the most recent one, in the movie with the same name; Joker. To begin with, from the first moment it is clear - something that I always missed in the first Batman films - why it is able to gain a band of minions: a mind so bright that it handles puppets like its puppets through two powerful weapons: greed and fear. As Batman says "the crimals are predictable, you just have to know what they want." And from that statement arises the most frightening aspect of this villain: he is not interested in money, he is not afraid of anything, not pain, nor death, nor loss. His only spring is the creation of chaos, inflicting the pain he is unable to feel, corrupting the purest people and shaking the weak at will. Even criminals themselves are amazed at their absence of principles, watch online the movie and be amazed yourself.

Original title The Dark Knight
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