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Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


The film Cars begins with a race where “Lightning McQueen” the protagonist is a brilliant rookie in car racing, he manages to get a draw with his opponents who were leaders in the environment. Lightning does it thanks to the great security he had in it, which was rather arrogance knowing he was young and a good car; He would have won the competition if he had been shrewd and considered that he had to change his tires as his team advised him, but when he refused he managed to lose the great advantage he had before the veterans, since his tires were exploited and they managed to reach him, that's how as there is a tie and not the triumph as he would have expected, it's basically all about a lesson to listen to others, to be less self-absorbed, and the movie stands by this lesson, watch it now to find out and discover this creative way for Pixar to turn our world into a car world, in very clever ways.

During a persecution after arriving by mistake at a lonely american road, Lightning destroys the main street of the town and is arrested by the sheriff; The next day he is taken to the traffic court to be tried and prosecutor Sally Carrera, with whom he feels instant attraction, althought his selfishness stops her from feeling the same, she sentenced him to fix the street he destroyed as a community service.

The superb lightning did not want to do the job, because he was the star runner and because the only thing that interested him was to get to the place of the race. Finally he ends up doing the job but leaves the street worse than he was and they force him to do it again. As the days went by, Lightning became friends with "Mate", an old and rusty but very friendly crane. One day he discovers that Doc the village judge is actually the Fabulous Hudson Hornetv a legendary runner who won three Piston Cups, but an accident ended his career; he felt very sad about the abandonment of the public, so he distanced himself from everything and everyone

After a walk with Sally and the spirit of her friends, Ray leaves her arrogance behind and finally ends the street leaving her in adorable conditions, then decides to stay in town to equip herself before going to California. But Doc can't take it anymore and talks to the media to let them know that "Lightning McQueen" was in his town. That learning is necessary to integrate naturally into their social environment and see themselves, but among others.

In Primary Education there is precisely a remarkable development of sociability, appearing concepts such as cooperation, intercommunication, respect, coexistence, sharing, helping, etc. These occur in games and in relationships with peers, parents and other authority figures. All this occurs in the continuum of personal and social development, which is based on the knowledge of one's own self, the characteristics of others, the differences between others and me, and finally the enrichment of social relations, which are extended progressively to more abstract and complex dimensions related to emotions, feelings and personality.

In Cars, this process of personal evolution is represented in a very fun and effective way; the transition from childhood to youth, from home to society and from self-centeredness to relationships of coexistence and cooperation. From this film, not only the little ones can learn, but also the older ones, because ultimately it transmits the strength of the community's relationships to form us and know how to be in the world with others, watch it now and see how.

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