Spirited Away
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Spirited Away (2001)

Spirited Away

2001/7/20 125 min.


Spirited Away is a movie that has won numerous awards at film festivals across the world. The story revolves around the life of a little girl called Princess Abiru and her adventures in a small mountain town. When she is just a toddler, Princess Abiru is sent to an all-girls school for her own safety, where she meets Chihiro, a mysterious girl with glowing eyes who is a "magical" outsider. Together they embark on a fantastic adventure that tests the strength of friendship, courage and determination. They meet many friends and make many new ones, one of which becomes their father and guides them all along the way.

This movie takes you on a journey from the fairytale castle to the depths of the sea and then onto a magical island filled with fairies and wizards. The story is absolutely fabulous, but it also uses plenty of child-friendly elements, which means that it is not a scary movie for children.

Spirited Away is a great movie for families with young children, as it is filled with plenty of singing and dancing, games and activities. As Chihiro ages, she becomes less of a girl and more of a woman, so it is really quite touching to see how she changes over the course of the movie. It is also nice to see her maturing through stages as she climbs the social ladder.

The movie is really well-made, with great effects and animation. The movie feels like it has been created on a big screen with the real kids in it. There are plenty of special effects and the sound effects are great, particularly the voice work. The animation really helps to bring the story to life, which is why it is a great movie for all ages.

This movie is short, but it is not a quick flick either. It is very well made and makes you think a lot about the characters and the story. The story line of the movie is very clever, involving lots of themes such as friendship, teamwork and determination. All the actors and actresses do an excellent job in this movie, and it is nice to see that they have continued to grow and improve as people over the years.

The movie is fantastic, but I must say that the story line is a little far fetched for some people. There is nothing supernatural in the movie and the plot is not very original. I enjoyed it, but others may find it a little thin.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, especially when you consider the long-running anime series which preceded it. I am glad I saw it and I recommend it to anyone who loves movies and the entertainment which they offer.

For online viewing, it is available from several sources, including Netflix, iTunes and Vudu. It is well worth the time to check it out. You can also stream it on BBC iPlayer as well as Google Play Movies and YouTube.

Original title 千と千尋の神隠し
TMDb Rating 8.5 8992 votes

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