Pulp Fiction
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Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction

Just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character. 1994/9/10 154 min.


When we went to see Pulp Fiction for the first time, we were waiting a lot, for everything that others said about him. We just didn't expect that, on the screen that precedes the film, so many restrictions would appear: sex, violence, adult themes, drugs; that is, all possible options. The only one that was not marked was a free theme. Right now, even without this brief screen being part of the film, We were already laughing, summarizing more or less everything that Pulp Fiction would transmit to us for the next two and a half hours: lots of fun with the black humor that only a genius like Quentin Tarantino could to offer.

Prior to Pulp Fiction, Tarantino made his debut movie Excellent Dogs. To say that he started with the right foot is not enough, because he nailed it in a formula that he would use here, 2 years later, in a more complex way: a lot of action mixed with black humor to temper the story told in a totally non-linear way. The difference in the structure of Dogs for Rent for Pulp Fiction is, basically, that in the first there is a gift that will guide us through the flashbacks that the film gives to explain what is happening (in this case, the shed used as an escape in case something happens. went wrong in the plan). In Pulp, on the other hand, Tarantino simply tells his story in a completely non-linear way, without a definite time to serve as a base and, even so, we don't get lost in the story, watch online the film and experience this great masterpiece and classic of the cinema culture.

With that he asks us for much more attention and gives a special identity in the way of telling his story. Apart from that, due to this style, we can see the ‘resurrection’ of a character within the narrative, in a way that doesn’t take away the seriousness or reality of what is being told. We only have two scenes swapped positions at the time of editing. Pure genius. As if that were not enough, the level of details that enrich each part of the film increases in an incredible way the fun and entertainment that it offers us, because at all times we are connected in how the characters took such clothes, how they got such a weapon, the that appears here and reappears there, those things. Everything is explained in the film, there is nothing that is there for free. If something happens at the beginning of the film that you didn't understand, or that you found free, anything like that, you can be sure that before the final credits start to rise, you will already have the answer you are looking for.

All this montage aesthetics serves as a skeleton to tell not only one, but three stories with the theme of the criminal underworld today, where they all have characters in common. After a short introduction where a young couple of burglars talk quietly about muggings, Tarantino begins to tell his first story: Vincent Vega (John Travolta) must take the boss's wife, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) to dinner and have her have fun while your boss goes to Florida to do business. The second story (already in non-chronological form) deals with boxer Butch (Bruce Willis), who is considered old for the profession and receives a sum of money from Marcellus (the big boss of the story) to lose the fight. The third story has as main focus the character Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), with Travolta as an assistant, who must clean the car after a very violent murder in the back seat of his car. Watching the movie, everything seems meaningless and in a crazy way. But, stopping to analyze each point of connection from one story to the next, we see how well the film was thought.

Pulp Fiction is a brilliant work, watch now the movie and see for yourself. Grand and pretentious too, but it worked. Quentin Tarantino, with his second work, proved that he came to revolutionize American independent cinema, giving it a new lease of life. There are many sites about the work, with curiosities, the right order of events, production errors, in short, just take a look, it doesn't have to be even deep, you will satisfy your curiosity. But don't forget what we said at the beginning of the analysis: he is violent, confused and will ask for your attention to be used well. If you follow this recipe well, you will have one of the best cinematographic cakes in many years of cinema.

Original title Pulp Fiction
TMDb Rating 8.5 17981 votes

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